BY: Pilar Mateo



“That one day actors are given the voice and the right to collaborate with writers and directors to tell our stories together from the get go , as we weave our characters into them as we ourselves will live them…

“I have a dream that one day , the actors can unite harmoniously , sans egos , to create their own stories, produce them and equally benefit from its success or even its failures .. I have a dream, that one day the industry will be professionalized by the law and be governed with fair and equal rights and protection for the actor in all aspects…

“I have a dream that one day actors be given health care subsidy , disability and unemployment benefits , regular pay and intellectual property rights and royalties to every project they are a part of even after its completion … I have a dream that one day all institutions established by the government for arts and culture will understand and respect the importance of the role of the actor in our culture and society thereby extending to all across the board the support and compensations due them especially the lowest income ones, especially now…

“I have a dream that one day , actors from superstars to talents be on the same page and once and for all be United for the purpose of protecting and keeping each other safe and secure and our stomachs full so we In turn can deliver and fully express ourselves satisfactorily ..

“I have a dream that one day actors will not be besieged with endless issues to fight for so that we can continue to create even more beautiful stories in peace … I have a dream that one day, actors can continue to flourish in this growing and struggling industry despite its oppressions in which we will not allow ourselves to be puppeted, controlled and be at the mercy of the whims, disorganization and self motivated commerce led by giant corporations…

“I have a dream that one day actors be given the dignity they deserve into their twilight years and be given just honor for their service to the culture of our country ..

“I have a dream that one day our industry , our government and the country as a whole will realize the value of the actors’ service as vessels to which our society is built on and that our artistic contribution is the very heart of expressing our own country’s human condition.

“After 48 years and counting, I have a dream that one day, these dreams turn into a reality, hopefully in my lifetime.

< reflections : January 2021 > #moveforwardtochange

WILL she get her dreams this year?



From the pool somewhere she feels so comfortable… Sharon Cuneta had nostalgic moments of those times when wearing swimsuits were her fun moments.

Fast forward to now. She still has that goal to fit into her most favorite beach attire.

Said she in a post:

“Went swimming and had this picture taken today. Now my swimsuit is a size 10. I haven’t been a 10 in many years. My normal size when I was thin was 6 or 8 & I would panic na pag 8!

“Now to get to size 6 means I need to lose the last 20 lbs. after so many years of trying to get rid of all this extra weight and losing anywhere from 60-80 lbs., 20 doesn’t seem like too much work anymore.😊🙏🏻❤️

“Please pray for me. Then WATCH ME. Hah! Thank You Lord for that all-important bonk on the head before 2020 ended that knocked me into my senses – now it’s even been helping me lose weight! Nyahaha! Galing ng Diyos talaga. Love you everyone! Thanks for your loving messages. #sharon2021 @jotlosa @roland_angeles_md @drzteo @draivee

“I remembered pala just as I had worn this swimsuit that it’s almost the same as the Speedo I wore in the movie “Friends In Love!” As in almost akala ko nga exacto! Still love it!!! (See my stories!) @jotlosa #size10nashuckskontinalaaaang!!! @direkrowell @roland_angeles_md @drzteo @draivee

FOR SURE, the Mega will get her wish in no time at all. Swim pa more!



DINA BONNEVIE in the Northern Part of the country with partner DV Savellano, enjoying the good life.

If not busy attending to their plants as plantito and plantita, she attends to her La Bon Vie online business-handwoven products-from placemats to blankets to bed runners and more.

Her take this Christmas.

“This year we all learned that material things don’t matter when our lives are tested in a crisis where we are not even able to see the enemy nor control it.

“This pandemic has brought families together and most of all have strengthened our ties. It has made us value what matters most …The Family! Thank you Jesus for coming into our lives and saving us! Merry Christmas everyone!😊❤️”

When not in Ilocos, for sure she’s in the bubble doing her acting bit.

THE DREAMERS. The stars in our midst. Remember them in that classic “Sana’y Wala Ng Wakas”! (30)

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