BY: Pilar Mateo

IN SPITE OF THE HURDLES that life brings in the time of pandemic, vlogger, publicist, singer and wearing too many other hats MJ Racadio seizes life wherever his feet take him.

“Thankful to our Almighty God! Despite the pandemic, I am blessed this year 2020 especially Guerrero Dos, Tuloy Ang Laban by EBC Films representing the Philippines at 78th Golden Globe Awards for Foreign Language Film.

“I am super excited about the Year-Ender Episode of Blogtalk Hollywood with Filipino Movie Star Donita Rose & DJ Pearl from Down Under delivering the Entertainment News from Australia. Plus Live Broadcast on New Year’s Eve co-hosted by Jaja Bolivar of New York City & Performance by Award-winning vocalist, JM Avelino from the Philippines. And on New Year’s day, it will be Julianne Richards & Miss Earth 2020.”

Get Ready! MJ’s Year-End Episode will be on December, 30 at 7PM (Los Angeles), 12.31 at 11am (Manila), & 12.31 at 1PM (Sydney).

There is something to look forward to. As MJ shares the good news as EBF Films’ “Guerrero Dos: Tuloy ang Laban (The Fight Continues) gets screened at the Golden Globe.

Each year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards the Golden Globe in the Foreign Language Film category. To qualify, a film must be a motion picture drama, musical or comedy with at least 51% of the dialogue spoken in a non-English language. Documentaries are not eligible. Animated films – including foreign language ones – are considered in the Animation category.

Normally, in order to qualify, a foreign language films must have been released in their country of origin during the prior 15-month period, from October 1 to December 31 before the awards. This year, in light of the disruption caused by the pandemic, several changes were made to the qualification rules.

To be eligible this year a foreign language film had to be commercially released in any country (not limited to the country of origin) and on any format, including theatrical, TV, VOD, streaming platforms and DVD. Qualifying release dates this year must fall within October 1, 2019 and February 28, 2021.

This year an unprecedented 139 Foreign Language Films were eligible for Golden Globe consideration from 77 countries (of which 37 directed or co-directed by women). Different from the Academy Awards rules, the HFPA does not limit submissions to one per country – multiple submissions from any country are allowed as long as the films follow the qualification requirements.

Due to distancing protocols, most of this year’s submissions have been viewed via digital links in lieu of physical screenings, with the coordination of the Foreign Language Committee. As usual, that has made for an intense viewing schedule … as well as for one of the greatest privileges of the year.

This annual series covers eligible films.

Let’s see.

AND MJ has something to share.

#BlogtalkMusic: “Hello friends, as token of appreciation. I am giving away Free Downloads of my EP Album ‘Never Be Like That’ until December 31, 2020. Think #MichaelJackson meets #JustinTimberlake. Remixed by #Klubjumpers (Grammy-Nominated Producer/Billboard Awardee) & Raul d’Ablaing (#FrankieJ, #JaimeGalvez). Music engineer, who worked with #PattiLabel & #Blink182. Enjoy!”- MJ Racadio

THOSE are so cool treats as we welcome 2021 with a bang!


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