BY: Pilar Mateo

ART PIECES. Wonderfully crafted.

Singer-Actor Raymond Lauchengco opens up his home to showcase the works he’s done since the pandemic came.

But of course, with health protocols before you knock on their doors.

Here’s what he shared:

“When my wife and I moved into our home thirteen years ago, we were coming from a smaller house and had enough basics to furnish the bedrooms, the dining area, and equip the kitchen of the new one, but not enough for the living room so we left it empty.

“Besides, we were expecting our first child and we wanted our daughter to have enough space to move around indoors (when the time came), without bumping into anything. Plus the furniture we really wanted was way beyond our budget so we figured we’d wait and save up for good pieces instead of getting things we’d want to replace soon after.

“Then two years later, we had another baby, a boy this time. So the living room remained empty and became a playground for our kids. It was their skating rink, race car circuit, balloon-volleyball court, and hide and seek haven, until they realized it was more fun to play outdoors.

“Fast forward to the beginning of 2020, my girl is turning thirteen and my boy, eleven. Living room status? Still empty.

“I guess Mia and I just got used to having it that way. It’s not that we’re minimalists, we just never saw the need for an expensive living room showcase. When we entertain, we do so in the dining area and the lanai which leads out to the garden, and that works out just fine.

“But then March came and the words pandemic and lockdown became a part of our everyday vocabulary. Boy, did things change!

“I found another ikigai apart from singing and started to make things. Eight months and thirty-eight pieces later, we’re close to running out of space to put them in. Of course I don’t get to keep every piece I make. It’s more like they are on loan to me for a while. Most have gone to other people’s homes. Some are reserved. And some are just waiting for their new owners to come home from abroad. In the meantime, I’m happy to care for them, and after all these years, we finally have a living room (and other rooms) with actual furniture and art pieces that I made.

“If someone had told me thirteen years ago that one day I was going to make things out of raw wood and other common materials for my home, or other people’s houses, I would have laughed incredulously and said: Are you sure about that? I don’t even like raw wood. I’m saving up for Minotti furniture.

“Well, I guess the laugh’s on me. Minotti will have to wait again, and I’m perfectly ok with that.

“If you’d like to come and view the pieces that are still available, and don’t mind following safety protocols, let us know.”

There is the invitation. See his one of a kind creations and maybe get some and bring them home.

At par or better as some would say than the Italian Minotti? (30)

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