PENELOPE POP, alias Winnie Wong, facing possible deportation?


BY: Pilar Mateo

WHO is she and who is she connected with is a story that people are looking into now.

Spreading like wildfire because it involves actress-singer-host Toni Gonzaga.

Winnie Wong may not be a major vlogger today, but she is certainly one of the who is starting to climb up the influencer ladder. This is largely due to the help of her celebrity friend, actress Toni Gonzaga.

But just when Winnie Wong (who uses the alias Penelope Pop in her vlogs and endorsements) is on her way to fame, we hear news that she is facing possible deportation.

As it turns out, Winnie Wong is staying in the Philippines using an investor visa (Special Investor Resident Visa). Winnie Wong’s real name is Yun-I Wang. Apparently she is Taiwanese passport holder.

This means that her money-making ventures in the Philippines such as teaching, vlogging, brand endorsements, may not be permitted because technically, she is allowed to stay here to invest, not find employment.

Even her supposed business venture with best friend Toni Gonzaga, names TGWW (Toni Gonzaga Winnie Wong) Everyday Lifestyle Studio, which sell the perfume Pouf! on Lazada and Shopee is also facing troubles right now.


· Just last weekend, news broke out of a request with the NBI and the Food and Drug Administration to investigate cases of regulated products being sold in Lazada and Shopee from sellers who do not have License to Operate. A good number of products being sold there also had no FDA certification.

· The consumer group ACTION, acting on a tip from members, said they received a document which alleged that two companies that have no FDA licenses are The Everyday PH and TGWW Everyday Lifestyle Studio. The said FDA document also shows that Pouf! Everyday Colognes, which are bestsellers on Lazada and Shopee, do not have the require Certificate of Notification from the FDA.

· The group ACTION has all the good intentions. However, they seemed to get their facts wrong. A fast Google search would reveal that TGWW Everyday Lifestyle is the company which owns the website The Everyday PH. TGWW is also the same company that manufactures and distributes the Pouf! line of perfumes and colognes.

· The popularity of Pouf! online is largely due to the endorsement the products have been getting from actress Toni Gonzaga and vlogger/influencer Penelope Pop, aka Winnie Wong.

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· It also appears that Toni Gonzaga and Winnie Wong are not just brand ambassadors of Pouf! It appears that they own TGWW. In fact, an article by Rappler said Winnie Wong started the business in 2018 “in partnership with Toni.” (

· Now everyone knows who Toni Gonzaga is. But who is Winnie Wong? And how did she and Toni got into their mess?

· If you look at the social media accounts of Winnie Wong, who uses the online handle Penelope Pop or sometimes Penelope Wong, you would see an image of person that many young Filipino women aspire to become.

· She is has her own company with her celebrity best friends. She has a handsome boyfriend, Patrick Phillip Soriano, and she is getting paid as a brand ambassador by the likes of Landers, Ayala Malls, Toblerone, Listerine, Dove, Laura Mercier, to name a few. Not bad for someone who started out as a teacher less than five years ago.

· It appears, however, that there is more to Winnie Wong than meets the eye.

· She is not the Pinay girl-next-door that many perceive her to be. For one, she is a Taiwanese passport holder. She has been staying in the Philippines using a special investor’s resident visa.

· She may be known as Penelope Pop, Penelope Wong, or Winnie Wong. But her real name is Yun-I Wang.

· This is probably why TGWW Everyday Lifestyle Studio Company was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a partnership NOT between Toni Gonzaga and Winnie Wong, but between Toni and Winnie’s boyfriend, Patrick. What is interesting is that the company was registered under Winnie Wong residence in Kawayan Street, North Forbes Park.

· The plot even thickens as Winnie Wong’s father, David Wong (a Chinese citizen holding a Hongkong passport), is now the subject of a global manhunt by the Interpol after he was tagged as an accused in a multi-billion-peso fraud case in Cebu, along with his relatives.

· Let’s see how authorities will act on these cases and how this will affect the Winnie Wong’s partnership with Toni Gonzaga.



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