Thankful! Grateful! Blessed!


BY: Pilar Mateo

IT IS IN America that Thanksgiving Day is really more celebrated more than Christmas.

How it has become a national holiday stems from a long history.

Here in our beloved Philippines, we have started celebrating it as well when November 26 comes.

One of those who shared his gratefulness in his Facebook page is Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez.

“To my beloved people of Ormoc City. I especially think of you as the whole world celebrates Thanksgiving Day and I thank you for the trust and confidence you have given me as your Mayor, the same trust and confidence that you have also generously given to Congresswoman Lucy for many years and counting.

“As promised, Congw. Lucy and I, together with every member of the ODT, strong and and able as they all are, remain focused and committed to the task of bringing Ormoc to a higher level. We work very hard to improve the lives of our people, beginning with making the city the safest in the country for 2 years in a row now. Because security is a basic need. Your government must make that a priority, your Mayor has made that a priority. Ormoc is the first City in the region to be declared Drug-free, it is now the Richest in Eastern Visayas, and we continue to reinforce those milestones via continued infrastructure developments and many other programs aimed to holistically make our corner of the world not just better, but the best that it can be.

“There are so many more things that need to be done, so much more to achieve and accomplish in building this city. I ask you to be active members of society and the community. Help in whatever way you can.

“Lately, the opposition has been trying to come up w fabricated and twisted stories to regain lost grounds in politics. Ang gaba dili mag Saba. Many are man’s wicked ways, but God sees the heart.

“Bahala ka na Lord sa mga taong pilit na nainira at nagsisinungaling. This battle is yours to fight, and win, in your mighty name.

“As for me and my team, we shall focus on the task at hand, as always giving our all in all. Public service is a privilege and an honor that I cherish and respect.

“Happy Thanksgiving Day and God bless us all.”


AMANDA PAGE. REMEMBER HER? With her controversial quotable quotes.

She made a name for herself. One of Boss Vic del Rosario’s artists to reckon with. Kahit pa baluktot ang dila!

Her life is now centered in a life in Ventura, USA. With husband Lee and son Mason.

She and hubby are running businesses left and right that has something to do with one’s health and well-being. Especially, mentally.

TMS Ventura. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS Therapy is an FDS approved, non-drug treatment for people suffering from symptoms of mahor depression.

Amanda’s better-half Lee, M.D, P.C. is the owner/medical director at TMS Center of Ventura in California.

What’s it about?

“We are board certified psychiatrists from the nation’s top medical institutions including the No. 2 ranked Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

“We all came to Ventura where we put down roots that became the County’s trusted hometown clinic.

I myself moved here from the East Coast in 2000, to establish my practice in an environment cited one of the Happiest Places in the U.S. by National Geographic, where “based on measurable expressions of happiness and identities,” Americans are living their best lives.”

“It might seem ironic thus, treating major depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other disorders in one of the safest and best places to live on Earth. Until one realizes that precisely, our practice is about helping people Live their Lives to the Fullest.

“Because mental disorders are real, caused by varied neurobiological, genetic, cognitive and environmental factors. Their proper treatment thus helps people regain wellness, and control over their lives.
We believe getting treatment for mental health issues is a team effort — you and your doctor, family and loved ones, to find approaches that are most appropriate for your needs.

“Ourselves, we believe in a holistic approach that must include talk therapy and right medication, diet and exercise where they are helpful. But where the results of the above may be limited, we have also embraced more recent technological advancements that can provide long lasting relief to our patients, marked increases in their quality of life, even remission.

“Thus, our growing practice now includes the TMS Center of Ventura, specializing in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and its newest form TBS or Theta Burst Stimulation — both drug-free, non-invasive, out-patient procedures described by some of our patients as “life-changing.” Finally, there’s our new Ventura Ketamine Center, where we vouch for the classic anesthetic’s efficacy in the treatment of depression, as validated by new medical research and recent FDA Approval.”

Lee and Amanda had plans of also introducing it to Philippine shores.

But with the many things and changes happening every now and then, and them surviving calamities like bushfires and storms and now the pandemic, Amanda and her family are just thankful for every waking hour that God gifts them with each day.

“Tita, you know the joys of my life. It all stems from my family. Being blessed with this kind of career now I share with my husband. Being of help to many people. It is just one of the ways we can give back and fulfill the purpose of our lives.”

That is what Amanda is thankful for in each end every day of her life.

“Everyday is like always Thanksgiving for us. We miss the Philippines. But with what is happening now, everyone affected, we have to cater to a lot of needs here in our clinics.”

With handling their patients, Amanda is wife and doting mother at home. Homeschooling Mason and attending to their pet pug. She cooks, does the laundry, do the house chores.

She’s got those hands she is so thankful for. To rock her son’s cradle even after he’s grown, get them dirtied. Nurse and care for people. And in the end achieve a purpose-driven life!

Sexy? Still is. Can still do her “tinikling stunts” up in the air with her trusted Maribeth Bichara dancers! The sexiness extends to her mind. A titillating mind that made her embraced by her fans.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving! (30)

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