Being Thankful…


BY: Pilar Mateo

CHATTED WITH CONGRESSMAN ALFRED VARGAS. To know how he’s been doing. in his everyday life. With most of the times he’s sharing with his constituents in Quezon City.

Together with his brother, Councilor PM Vargas, they never tire of giving away “ayudas” especially to the students with their new laptops, and the ongoing services for each barangay for their health and wellness.

Last year Cong. Alfred was able to do a movie. Which will be part of this year’s MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival), “Tagpuan”.

The three things he’s thankful for.

1) I’m thankful for TAGPUAN being part of MMFF 2020. Finally, mapapalabas na itong very beautiful film namin nila Iza (Calzado) and Shaina (Magdayao) about love, friendship, and finding one’s self. This is definitely one of my favorite films na ginawa ko my whole career.

2) I’m thankful for being able to successfully defend my two star papers as my final requirements for my masters in public administration in UP NCPAG.

3) I’m grateful dahil kahit more than 250 days na ang aming relief operations sa distrito, hindi kami nauubusan ng naitutulong dahil maraming mga kaibigan ang nagbibigay ng tulong. Imagine, from day one of the lockdown, dirediretso kami sa relief ops?! Thank God for the many generous and good-hearted people.”

What will he miss this Christmas?

“I will miss the warmth of the embrace of our loved ones. I’ll miss the personal interaction, the laughter, and the sense of security we have with our relatives. I can’t imagine yet spending X-mas through zoom.

What is he looking forward to 2021?

“I just want 2020 to be over. That’s it. Grabe itong 2020. Taal. Covid. Bagyo. Bagyo. Bagyo. I’m looking forward to a more hopeful and blessed 2021.”


ACTRESS JACKIELOU BLANCO has always been that health buff who never tires of sharing her everyday routine with her followers.

“I always loved writing down my thoughts. I think in my younger years, I just called it writing what I felt on paper. Now there is a better term, Journaling.

“I used to do this in my younger years, but after a while I’d forget or would just be busy with other things. Now that we are in these trying times, at home, and with a lot of time in our hands, I’m happy I started again.

“Thank you @humanheartnature @humannaturebeauty for sending me this journal and this beautiful pen which says, Fall in love with your Life. I’m sharing with you some of my realizations on this pandemic.

“This situation has made me more appreciative of what I have, even of what I don’t. It has made me humble enough to ask for help when I need it. It’s okay to admit you can’t do it alone. We need each other. It may be a kind word you say to someone, a smile, a prayer for even those you don’t know. I am a spiritual person , but this pandemic has made me rely more on my faith and on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“It has made me look at our situation with eyes of faith. He never promised a life without struggles but He did promise He would be with us as we are going through it. I wake up each morning and thank Him for a new day, another day I can be blessed, another day I can be a blessing, another day I can offer to Him, another day of hope and joy despite what we are going through. I know our situation is temporary and in His perfect time, all will be well.

“Thank you @humannaturebeauty for my journal and my Radiant Grace Natural Night Cream. Will share more about it in my following post💗💕💗”


DADDY DOUG KRAMER walked down memory lane as his Scarlett celebrates her 9th birthday. Cheska Garcia’s better-half felt so emotional.

“Felt a little emotional today. 😭
Gavin turned 7 this yr, Kendra, 11.
Now my Baby doll is 9! Nine years old!
I still remember these pictures like it was taken yesterday!

“The day I first saw you Scarlett, you made a grown man cry. The cutest doll face with no hair! You captured my heart when you smiled back at me when you were a 1 day old baby! I can’t stop kissing and hugging you every single day! ❤️

“Seeing you grow into a very smart, beautiful, athletic, independent, loving, responsible and God-fearing little girl makes Papa and Mama so proud of you!
I love you so much Scarlett! 😘❤️

“Friends, greet our baby doll below and will be sure to show her! God bless! 🙂”

A father’s love is just amazing!

His take on being a Dad.

Lessons of Fatherhood.

“The title of father can be given easily.
But being a dad is something you have to earn from your children. They call you this out of love. Out of the time you’ve given them.
It’s not about the gifts or things you can buy for them. It’s the time spent with them.
Time is LOVE. ♥️

“Being a dad means you’ll provide for them. But in ALL aspects. Not just material things, but providing that which they can’t touch.
Being a dad means showing your smile and joy for the artwork they’ve done.

Playing hide and seek with them.
Sharing stories. Asking how their day went. Dating each one of them to show that all are special to you.

“Being a dad means disciplining your children, but always out of love and not anger.

“Being a dad means praising your child when they’ve accomplished something.

It also means teaching, encouraging and motivating them when failures come.

“It’s bringing them to the hospital to patch them up and to make sure that your presence to them is more important than the pain and fear they feel.

“Being a dad is doing your best to witness every single milestone for your children.

“Being a dad is being the best example.
Your kids will follow what you do, more than what you say. Accountability.

It’s showing leadership to the family and influencing your child’s faith, character, integrity, and convictions before society does.

“Being a dad is also realizing that one of the most important things you can do for your child is to love their mother.

“Unconditional love should be synonymous for dads to their children. Knowing their imperfections, because us fathers too are imperfect.

“I would always show my kids that no matter what we’ve accumulated, that it’s not as important as our family.

“Being a dad means praying for your children. Because you’ll need divine intervention.

“Doing all of these may seem impossible, but it isn’t. There are dads out there that sacrifice even more, and I hope that their children will value what they’ve done.

“We all need God’s grace in our lives to fulfill our obligations. Let’s look to God to see the perfect example.

“My kids are my legacy.❤️🙏”

Got your inspirations from them?

A public servant. A health buff. A father. Sharing the things they are so thankful for in life!

Be #thankful #grateful #blessed! (30)

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