Eavesdropping at a Time Such as COVID-19…


BY: Pilar Mateo

FROM “ANG SA IYO AY AKIN”s ELLICE, Iza Calzado shares her heart with the man who gives her the world. In his own ways.

” ❤️ #BenIza

“Si Ben kasi has always been consistent ever since…his love language is not through gifts, it’s more of act of service, quality time, he is very concerned when it comes to my well being he never fail to ask if I already drink my vitamins like that, a man of few words but his way to get me is through letters he will always wrote a note for me.

“When I was confined in the hospital (because if covid19) he was strong he took care of everything, I have no parents anymore, he stood not only as my husband but as my family, as a representative of my parents.

“He was the one who cried when we received a good news that I’m finally doing okay.

“There are no words that would quantify the gratitude that my heart feels for my husband.

“I thank God that I found and married a right man, Ben and I will have this heart to heart talk and I told him: thank you for allowing me to be me, for accepting me for who I am and just being there with me by my side through everything.” -Iza”



SHE IS A VOLLEYBELLE. AND shares to the world her feelings for the man who swept her off her feet. Melissa Gohing is the future Mrs. Roco Nacino.

“The easiest “Yes” I’ve ever said in my life!

“My mom taught me that LOVE is a CHOICE. And that I should choose a husband that I can get through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. To my future husband, I will still choose you over and over again even in the darkest of times because you showed me the stars. I love you Enrico Raphael Quiogue Nacino forever.

“It still feels surreal when I woke up. It was a dream come true! Walking along while my favorite Christian song was played by wonderful friends in saxophone & guitar ( @nicoletejedor & Mike), sunset proposal designed by one of the best (@gideonhermosa ), Zoom watch party with all of our friends, teammates, coaches & families, covered by one of the best ( @niceprintphoto ), and a dinner with both of our immediate families. But mostly, the man that I prayed for a long time proposed to me with my dream ring by @sepvergara_finejewelry 😭. May God be the center of our lives always. ❤”


TIME TO DE-CLUTTER. FROM the home of actor Romnick Sarmenta. Tinkering here and there.

Is anybody collecting katanas (Japanese swords).

“I’m thinking of selling some of my beloved katanas from my collection; still sorting out which ones.

“But for those interested to reserve theirs, here are some details:

“My katanas are hand-made, hand-forged and crafted from good steel, the ones I am letting go of are at least 1045 to 1060 type steel, high-carbon steel that with the proper care, do not rust.

“They are differentially hardened and heat treated, tempered and water quenched, as real Japanese katanas are made.

“They are all battle ready, meaning they have a sharp edge, and may be used for Tameshigiri, or cutting bamboo. Not as a utility blade, but as a practice for those who do Kenjutsu, or the martial arts discipline of the Japanese sword.

“Although I have several with real a real hamon, the patterns produced while cooling the blade wrapped in clay, the ones I will be letting go have wire brushed hamon with the notare pattern, notare meaning wave.

“They are no less beautiful, nor functional – it is just a preference for the finish, and to some extent, the value.

“They all have brass fittings, and the scabbard or saya is made of wood, with a lacquered finish. They feature real ray skin panels as their samegawa or the panels on the handles, called as tsuka, that is beautifully wrapped with a tsukaito.

“I have collected these blades with care over the years, and would love to keep them, except I need to let go of some because of space concerns.

“And the best way I thought of letting them go, is if friends and people I know bought them, instead of posting them for strangers in the Marketplace.

“So for those who are interested, I must clarify that they are not too expensive, compared to some of the others in my collection, but they are not cheap either, having all the features I just stated, and some that I did not, or the post would be too long.

“For an idea, each would cost around 8-10k Php.

“You may PM me for questions and pics, if you are interested.

“And, if you decided to purchase one, you will have to take care of the transport, as I am still fixing up our space 🙂

“Thanks for reading and God bless you.”

You now know how. Contact him na in his social media accounts.

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