To Stop the Hate and Confusion


BY: Pilar Mateo

IT WAS LAST year when Maria Charo Calalo was officially declared and crowned as the new Mrs. Universe Philippines Finest Woman 2019.

It was pronounced by National Director, Marilou Tolico-Villanueva and the formerly crowned Mrs. Universe Philippines Finest Woman 2019 Patricia Javier who then won a crown as Noble Queen of the Universe just before Maria Charo Calalo flew to China to represent the Philippines in the 42nd Mrs. Universe competition.

It was there that Charo was called in the top 18 and crowned as Mrs. Universe Popularity amongst 90 candidates from their respective countries.

Patricia was crowned on Sept. 8, 2018 as the Mrs. Universe Philippines Finest Woman.

Later on, there were sudden changes. Pat needed to pass the crown to Charo to officially be declared the new rightful title owner and to represent Philippines during the 42nd Mrs. Universe in China because Pat will represent the Philippines for Noble Queen Universe on the same month and year (December 2019).

Along the way, confusion happened. Questions from the media cropped up.

As another candidate said, there are always 2 sides of the coin, but only they who have been there can answer and verify this matter being under the umbrella of #PHQ.

All that everyone prays for is for everything to be cleared.

Most of the reigns are over.

But Charo will extend her reign until next year, as she explained during her presscon and for friends only birthday party held at her Supreme Bar and Restaurant (formerly Ka Freddie’s) along Morato Avenue.

“One reason is the pandemic that befell us. At sa mga nangyayari ring kalamidad na wala tayong control. Pero kami, nagpapatuloy lang with the advocacy we are doing. Of continuously giving back. Salamat din sa mga sisters ko na kapwa ko title-holders. Nagsasama-sama kami at nagtutulungan with our advocacies.”

But why is it that the issues about her changing just keeps on growing. Should there be grudges to bear?

“Hindi ko alam kung saan ‘yun nanggagaling. Ang sa akin kasi, kung kaibigan, paguusapan natin ‘yan. Magpapaliwanagan tayo. Mahirap ‘yung nag-isip ka lang ng ganito o ganyan tapos, nahusgahan mo na ako. Kaya, nananahimik na lang muna ako. At sa pananahimik ko na ‘yun, nagiging productive pa ako.”

And that being productive made Charo come up with a single in time for the Holidays, “Himala’y Laganap”. And her own version of Susan Fuentes’ “Miss Kita Kung Christmas”.

Charo gave her media friends a treat by listening to her sing and perform the single. At the same time celebrating her double 5!

“Kung ito nangyari a long time ago, siguro naka-ilan din akong albums. Bit it happened in the time of TikTok. Kaya, nakakatuwa na sa mga nakarinig na nito, nagagawan na nila ng version nila ng mga sayaw nila sa TikTok. Kaya, meron din kami. Thanks to the twins Jim and James Salas and my bestie Melissa Gibbs.”

Charo is content with the happiness she shares with her daughter.

“Mawawala ang lahat. But my blessing is being with her.”

Her reign isn’t over yet. She still wears the crown. So, make the hate and confusion stop!

Miracles are truly everywhere! (30)

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