Chloe Sy stars in a daring film “Anak ng Macho Dancer”

“Anak ng Macho Dancer” is Chloe Sy’s second film, and this is her most daring movie yet.

“Anak ng Macho Dancer” is the sequel to Lino Brocka’s “Macho Dancer” in 1988. We know how controversial the movie was so we expect a more hotter sequel. For Chloe, it’s a movie that can define her as an actress.

“Actually po kasi, gusto ko rin ng ganoon na role, I mean, ready po kasi ako talaga sa kahit na anong role,” Chloe said.

She’s also happy to her fellow actor Sean De Guzman as the lead actor in the movie. Sean and Chloe are from the same management, Ms. Len Carrillo’s 3:16 Events and Talent Management.

“Super po, sobrang happy po ako para kay Sean, deserve niya po ito, mabait po kasi siya. Alam kong pinaghirapan niya ito at gusto niya ito,” She said with a smile on her face.

Someone asked if she’s ready to receive more sexy roles in the future because of the film.

“Siguro po, okay lang naman sa akin iyon kung tatawagin akong sexy star, siguro masaya… work lang naman po kasi ito.” Chloe explained.

Aside from Chloe, also stars in the movie are Allan Paule, Jaclyn Jose, Rosanna Roces, Jay Manalo, William Lorenzo, Emilio Garcia, Ricky Gumera, Charles Nathan, David Schion, Miko Pasamonte, Niel Suarez, and many more.

“Anak ng Macho Dancer” will release next year. The movie is produced by Joed Serrano of God Father Productions.

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