Love in the Time of Pandemic!


BY: Pilar Mateo

COME hell or high water, pandemic or otherwise, Net25 has set its goals and visions to continue bringing shows that will entertain, educate, and keep the audience glued to their TV screens.

A bevy of shows were presented to the media in a sit-down dinner tendered at their INC Museum.

What’s in store?

Net25 is helping the entertainment industry alive with their new series and shows sure to bring the glory of these celebrities. Packed with a variety of shows to entertain us all in this time of pandemic, Net25 staged its first physical press launch last night at the INC Museum with the stellar cast and executives. We joined fellow media to reconnect and wish the stars well on this noble endeavor. Award-winning director Eduardo Roy Jr brings Net25’s first romantic drama “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw” starring Ynna Assistio and Geoff Eigenmann. The two celebrities’ who have gained recognition for their outstanding acting performances in all networks finally had their dream come true with this tv series. Ynna will be playing “Reina” a daughter of a wealthy hotelier to meet Geoff as “Romer” a seaman on vacation.

NET25’s first romantic drama series is directed by multi-awarded Eduardo Roy, Jr. and penned by Bing Castro-Villanueva, under the supervision of director and writer Nestor Malgapo, Jr.

The Ynna Asistio-Geoff Eigennman tandem is supported by a mix of fresh and veteran supporting cast in the industry that includes: Tanya Gomez, Richard Quan, Shiela Marie Rodriguez, Arielle Roces, AJ Muhlach, Anna Mabasa-Muhlach, Manolo Silayan, Jiro Custodio, Paulyn Ann Poon, Myrna Villanueva Tinio and Jellex David.

Aside from Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw, NET25 officially introduced its new shows to the press and select audiences: Happy Time (noontime show), Kesayasaya! (musical sitcom), UNLAD: Kaagapay sa Hanapbuhay (agricultural and livelihood), Tagisan Ng Galing Part 2 (talent search competition), and Himig Ng Lahi Season 3 (musical program). NET25 also welcomed the new addition to its roster of news anchors: Binibining Pilipinas International 2019 Emma Tiglao and Vic Lima for Mata Ng Agila (primetime news), Miss Global beauty queen CJ Hirro for Eagle News International (English newscast), and host Apple David for Pambansang Almusal (morning primetime).

NET25’s production pipeline includes Relax Ka Lang (morning magazine show) and PARAK (docudrama). Under the banner of EBC Films, the movie arm of EBC, The Jukebox King (Life Story of Victor Wood) starring Martin Escudero is currently in its filming stage.

NET25 recently relaunched its new logo that conveys strength, uniqueness, power, and bravery in facing the global pandemic manifested in its vision to bring the truth to the world and serve relevant content that inspires life in these interesting times.

The Nestor Malgapo, Jr. name rings a bell. The one who supervised the project. Flashback in the times of Komiks. That was where we encountered the name. Could it be his Father or Lolo?

It’s Love in the time of pandemic.

And here’s the storyline:

Romer, a seaman on vacation, is on a road trip with his family. Their itinerary is disrupted when an ill friend from their hometown of Olvida calls and Romer’s mother insists on visiting her. Romer is reluctant but he cannot say no to his mother. He agrees with the condition that it’s going to be just a brief visit.

As they drive along the streets of Olvida, Romer sees that their hometown has not changed a bit since they left 10 years ago. Ten years that transformed him into the man that he is now-well-travelled, capable and confident. But the longer he stays, the more he realizes that those 10 years are not enough to totally free himself from this town. He has to hurry up and get out quickly.

Before Romer could leave, the government declares a nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic. Unable to go back home to Manila, Romer and family look for a place to stay indefinitely. The only place that can accommodate them is the lone hotel in town, Hotel Olvida, where he used to work as a young boy, and which is owned by the family of his former girlfriend, Reina.

The encounters between Romer and Reina are ugly at first as they are reminded of their young romance that ended bitterly. They soon agree to stay away from each other’s paths. But in a small town like Olvida, it is not easy to avoid someone even during a community quarantine.

Romer and Reina soon realize that their feelings for each other haven’t changed, but so have the barriers that made their love unattainable the first time, and which drove Romer away from Olvida in the first place. It’s the past coming back, only more complicated.

Romer and Reina will free themselves from the past and fight for their love.

In a world that seems to have no place for their love, will their love find a way to build a world only for them?

The die has been cast. And the duo that will share their spark and chemistry onscreen have been picked. Ynna Asistio debuts in her first lead role. And Geoff Eigenmann lends his utmost support to the pride of the Asistios. Both come from generations of true-blooded artists.

Grateful and very thankful were the two words muttered by the stars for the opportunity that has been opened to them by Net25.

In real time, in the time of pandemic, the writer, the director, the producers and the production team all bonded to create a teleserye fit for the times that will hold each viewer’s attention and go with the journey of the star-crossed lovers. Observing the safety protocols needed to do a teleserye worth waiting. Such efforts by the award-winning director Eduardo Roy, Jr.

Many will definitely relate to the lovestory of Romer and Reina.

How will the Universe grant their heartfelt longings?

This November, every Saturday, “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw” takes our viewing pleasures to greater heights! (30)

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