Will You Still Love Me?, Myrtle Asks…


BY: Pilar Mateo

FOR THE many years we’ve known the good attorney, Ferdinand Topacio, he has shown his sweetest side in as far as helping out (not just on the courts, litigation and all) people from all walks of life. Especially those in the entertainment industry.

Even if there are times that he gets himself tangled in issues, rumors and speculations, the good lawyer, shrugs them off easily.

The good attorney was hounded by his friends from the press when the questions were centered at his newest “protégé”, PBB product, cosplayer, composer, singer, actress Myrtle Sarrosa.

Atty. T is producing Myrtle’s very first online concert, happening on November 28, 2020, entitled “Still Love Me”, under Borracho Productions.

Why, Myrtle? Who also happens to be part of the “Mamasapano” cast, which Atty. T and his friends in Borracho are also producing.

“Today, I am turning 55,” said he at the press conference he tendered for Myrtle at the Emar Suites in Mandaluyong.

“Parang gone full circle na rin. Six years ago. Birthday ko rin. I invited her. So, 6th anniversary na pala namin ito. Ng aming friendship! Ipina-research ko pa sa staff ko her real name para ilagay dun sa tseke I was paying her. P80K. Pero, hindi niya tinanggap!”

Atty. T also remembered the first time he saw Myrtle in a rally. The lady was still a student in UP, and has been snapping photos for her school work.

“Kaya, hindi na siya nawala sa isip ko, eh. Kasi, ‘yung admiration was, look at this lady, cum laude pa. That time, she was in ABS-CBN, nag-PBB, nanalo, doing her stuff as a cosplayer kaya sabi ko, bakit parang hanggang dun lang?

“Kaya, maraming beses na I get to invite her sa mga events and functions sa office ko. The friendship grew and tuluy-tuloy na pag-support ko sa kanya. Kaya when my friends and I over drinks, when we were in Korea, discussed a project on a story I wanted to do, ito ngang “Mamasapano”, siya na ‘yung naisip ko for the role of one of the reporters sa SAF 44 incident.”

Now, apart from the movie, is the concert.

“Matagal na plinano ito. Nauusog lagi. Lalo na when the pandemic came. Kaya, naisip namin na gawin na lang muna ito’ng virtual. Malaki ang tiwala ko sa talent niya. Now, that she’s in the care of GMA-7, mapagtutulungan naman na magawa ito.”

The apple of his eye?

“Kilala niyo naman ako. Mahilig lang tumulong, especially with people with such talents. Myrtle is a prolific writer with her compositions. Kaya, alam mong there is so much that she can share pa with her music. I’m glad na it will be her first time with me. Itong concert! “

Myrtle is very grateful to the good attorney for the opportunities he has opened for her.

“Hindi mo nga kasi iisipin na totoo pala ‘yun. Na when he says something, gagawin niya talaga. Akala namin nagbibiro-biro lang siya. But no! A movie! And now a virtual concert pa. When someone believes in me, talagang I have to give back and double the effort pa kasi things like these, para sa akin eh, once in a lifetime din.”

After talking to two directors, the job landed on Rommel “Cocoy” Ramilo’s lap to handle the project. His ward Gerald Santos will be part of the concert as Myrtle’s very special guest!

Gerald had his taste of a virtual concert last month. Now, he’s giving Myrtle the experiences he encountered in singing without a live audience.

The new normal in the concert scene will shed a new Myrtle.

Has Atty. T’s birthday wish or wishes been granted?

“Secret! Haha! Every birthday ko naman, kasama lagi ‘yung para sa pamilya ko. Good health. Masaya at maayos na buhay at para sa mga matutulungan pa. Hindi na nga for me.”

Arriba, Borracho!

Borracho? It’s a Spanish term. As explained by Atty. T, it means “lasing” or drunk.

But he tells Myrtle not to worry. Looks like he produces more ideas in a “Borracho” state of mind.

In the pipeline is the launching of Myrtle as “Ang Huling Burlesk Queen”!

Louie Razon Gamboa of eRAse Plantcenta couldn’t agree more! (30)

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