A Message to you Tongi!


BY: Pilar Mateo

BECAUSE of his opinion about stars then and now, Arnell Ignacio got the ire of another “artista” and shared her sentiments about what was said.

Arnell’s daughter, Pia, gave her message as well to G Tongi.

“This is the second time this week someone targeted DA Arnell [Ignacio] about his hair.

“Forget the differences in opinion if artists should dig deep into current affairs, but to generalize men suffering with hair loss as ‘mahinang ulo’ is just MEAN.

“We should offer support to men and women than dig deep into their insecurities.

“Papa is just fine discussing his baldness, but in our clinic Creative Hair Systems both men and women feel ashamed of their baldness or receding hair line. Its not their fault. Usually its genes, worse its cancer or they had an accident with hair treatments or dye. Others are fine with baldness, they look better that way.

“This statement is not just for this lady, sana lahat po wag natin pag tawanan mga kalbo o nakakalbo.”

As asked by Arnell too, “Ano naman ang kinalaman ng buhok ko sa pagpapahayag ko ng oberbasyon ko sa mga artista’ng oatuloy na nilalait at minamaliit ng mga tao.

“With what she (G) just said, eh siya na ang nagbibigay ng pruweba na ganyan nga ang mga artista. Nagtataka lang ako why, kapag ako ang may nasasabi na opinyon ko naman, galaiti’ng-galaiti sila sa galit sa akin.

“Kayo rin naman, madalas niyo rin malait ang mga artista. Magkamali lang sa grammar o hindi lang tama ang pagsasalita ng Ingles, you express your opinions about it. Bakit ‘pag akk hindi na pwede? Tapos pagi-initan ang buhok o ulo ko. Eh, yan. ‘Yan na ang pruweba sa sinasabi ko. Ayan na nga!”

Added Arnell, this is a good time to mention his new show in GMA NEWS TV, “OMJ!” (Oh, My Job).

“Ayan, nai-promote ko pa ang show. Saturdays at 2 p.m. Sana manood siya!” (30)

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