Keeping the Love Alive!


BY: Pilar Mateo

ICE SEGUERRA and her family are truly loved in this industry. He had a very good career in showbiz as handled by her parents Mommy Caring and Daddy Dick.

In his personal life, with the fam, it was always a breeze to get to know them. They’re funny and friendly especially to the media.

Recently, Daddy Dick got tied to his hospital bed. Every now and then, Ice would share their bonding through his social media handles.

This was his latest post. About Daddy Dick.

“Namu Amida Butsu!

“My heart is full of love and joy in these moments I get to spend time with my dad. He is nearing the end of his life but it is a life well lived. He knows he is loved by his family and friends.

“Tinawag niya kaming lahat nung isang araw, handa na raw siya. He talked to all of us, with so much love and gratitude. Pagkatapos nun, ang sabi niya sa aming lahat, ‘masaya ako’. At masaya rin kami dahil wala kaming ibang hangad kundi maramdaman niya ang kaligayahan. He deserves that.

“At this moment, we’re making beautiful memories together. Walang patid na tawanan, kwentuhan, kantahan at siyempre minsan may iyakan. Pero magkakasama kami. At iyon ang pinakamagandang regalo sa aming lahat. We’re spending our happiest days, together.

“Happiness, something that people say is hard to find, is just within all of us. Sa ano mang parte ng ating buhay, kaya natin makamit ito. Let go of past hurts, accept that nothing is permanent, and most of all, live in the moment.

“Please send good thoughts to my dad and our family. We appreciate all the love, good words and good deeds that is coming our way.

“Live and love in the moment, always.”

Let us share what Ice wishes and prays for Daddy Dick.

Be inspired as well. As how to accept things in our lives…

(N.B. meaning of Namu Amida Butsu – MIT
Namu Amida Butsu has two parts: “Namu” means “I take refuge”, and “Amida Butsu” means “in Amida Buddha.” That is one great meaning of the Nembutsu. It is the BASIC meaning. … Thus, for the person of Shinjin, Namu Amida Butsu means THANK YOU, AMIDA BUDDHA. It is the Nembutsu of Gratitude. )

Love and light. As Ice shares. (30)

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