Former Actor Joed Serrano, Fearless Producer of a Daring Film, Anak ng Macho Dancer

NI: Rosahlee Bautista

He comes a long way from his days as a young That’s Entertainment talent of German Moreno, now he’s one of the country’s successful concert producers and now venturing into films.

Joed Serrano is in transports of delight as he talk about the movie “Anak Ng Macho Dancer.” He admitted that he is gambling at these times of pandemic as a producer, but he claimed that the film is worth it. “I am not worried. It’s a masterpiece from an award-winning producer Joel Lamangan. So I have a strong faith and belief that the movie is going to make it. It’s a star -studded movie. William Lorenzo, Emilio Garcia, Jay Manalo, Rosanna Roces, Jacklyn Jose and the original Macho Dancer himself Allan Paule are in the cast. It’s already being talk about it right now.”

It is considered a bold move for Joed producing Anak ng Macho Dancer because of the situation now of the movie industry as a result of the Pandemic but like he said, he is ready. As a businessman, everybody needs to adapt to the present condition. He has to join the trend. One needs to adjust himself to the new normal. Almost everything now can be seen or possible in social media. you have the gadgets these days, no problem. Even you just stay at home, you can still watch a film, actually more comfortably, with just one click. Pay per view or link, with a certain fee of course – basically It’s the same. The audience is more expansive.

The story get to grips with family values. Typical Pinoy in times of crises. The connection and deep relationship of a father and son while coping up with hardships during Corona Virus pandemic.

The director of the said film Joel Lamangan also appeared in the original film Macho Dancer in 1988, directed by the late Lino Brocka, as caretaker of macho dancers.

Anak ng Macho Dancer can be considered as a sequel to Macho Dancer, it was the claim to fame by Allan Paule then. The film will be produced by Godfather Entertainment Productions, owned by Joed Serrano and lock-in shooting will start this November.

Joed disclosed after asked what if the movie’s result will not come out pretty good , “I can’t say that I am really super okay right now but just like other businessmen, if the result will not give you fairish one, then stand up, try again, until you hit the jackpot.”

Joed is an experienced concert producer. He was one of the co-producers of Celine Dion’s concert in the Philippines. And he brought some other international artists to the Philippines like Katy Perry, James Ingram, The Jonas Brothers, Boyzone, Michael Learns To Rock, The Stylistics, Korean singer Psy, “American Idol” finalist Jasmine Trias, Pentatonix, Snow Patrol, and Lifehouse.

Allan Paule and Sean De Guzman

Joed is blooming and he was beside oneself with happiness announcing that he is in-love and on high relationship with a police officer (PNP). He said they are in a relationship for two months now. He met him when he hit his vehicle and he was driving without license at that time.

He is very much inspired and he is also going to produce Anak ng Burlesk Queen . He was also thrilled to announce a very special project which is a BL series , based on his true lstory, entitled Joed.

Also in the cast of Anak ng Macho Dancer are Ricky Gumera, Charles Nathan, David Schion, Miko Pasamonte, Niel Suarez and Sean De Guzman from Clique V. Sean will be the star of the movie, and he has a resemblance with the original Macho Dancer Allan Paule.

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