Journalist-Turned-Con Artist Virginia Rodriguez Victimizes Actress Christine Reuyan?

BY : Rosahlee Bautista

A former sportswriter of Manila Bulletin, Virginia Rodriguez falsely represented herself as an employee of Department of Budget and Management and claimed to have the capacity or influence to facilitate the release of funds to Local Government Units (LGUs).

A couple of weeks ago , Virginia Rodriguez , a general manager of a construction firm claims to be getting death threats – sought the help of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDG). She claimed that after she sacked the suspects Christine Reuyan, Mark Guerrero, Jose Gayoba alias “Madam Lola” and Myla Gumban from her firm, she has been threatened with death. She had mentioned that she has complete evidence of a plan to ruin and kill her.

One of the suspects Rodriguez’ identified as Christine Reuyan, is an actress and businesswoman. She owns a constructions company and a call center , registered in the Department of Trade and Industry. According to Christine, she invested a big sum of money to Virginia Rodriguez who presented herself as Director of Department of Budget and Management and made a transaction to Christine’s company.

We got a copy of a certification from DBM as per records on file that Virginia Rodriguez and a certain Angelica De Lantar/Angelica Vega , both in its Central and Regional Offices, are not connected previously or currently to the said department, contrary to what Virginia Rodriguez was claiming who she was.

The Department of Budget and Management also issued a notice to the public, warning public of the recently reported incidents regarding individuals claiming to have the capacity or influence to facilitate the release of funds to local government unit (LGUs).

Based on reports received by various LGUs, the following individuals are misrepresenting themselves as employees of the Department of Budget and Management: Angelica Vega/ Angelica Delantar and Virginia Rodriguez.

Further, Ms. Vega/Delantar and Ms. Rodriguez were reported to be soliciting money from LGUs and falsifying documents such as Special Allotment Release Orders, Notices of Cash Allocation and Advice of NCA issued, and other letters bearing the signature of the Department Secretary.

From a sportswriter to being a swindler, might be as light as pan cake shift at first and she indeed caught the break but not for long , because with those certification and other documents presented by Christine, Rodriguez here got a mischance.

DBM wants the public to know that the department is not connected with any of the abovementioned individuals and has not authorized any person or entity to solicit money, for whatsoever purpose.

Rodriguez is facing a financial crime here. The main crime involving fraud in the Philippines is “swindling” (estafa), which is punishable under Article 315 of the Penal Code. This offence involves defrauding another through the means of (among others): Misappropriating or converting to the prejudice of another, money, goods or other personal property received by the offender in trust or commission, or for administration or under any other obligation involving the duty to deliver or return such money/goods/property.

Taking undue advantage of the signature of the offended party in blank, and by writing any document above such signature in blank, to the prejudice of another (forgery).
Using a fictitious name, or falsely pretending to possess qualifications, property, credit, agency, business or imaginary transactions, or by means of other similar deceits.


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