Cheers! Toasts! Over a Glass or Two Wows!


BY: Pilar Mateo

FOR THE category of Live Stream Shows (Media), TOFA (The Outstanding Filipinos in America Awards) came out with the list of nominees who will be honored on October 31, 2020.

From its President Elton Lugay, “Live stream shows have become the panacea for Covid-19 times. With more than 3 billion views, the YouTube channel of FM radio station Wish 107.5 is where legendary and emerging Filipino musicians reach a global audience.

“In Las Vegas, PHLV Radio brings a taste of home to Filipino immigrants while keeping the world updated on Vegas happenings through its widely circulated podcast series.

“From its base in San Jose, Calif., Bayan Promotions streams its weekly virtual show “KanTambayan”, which is short for Kantahan Tambayan kasama ang Bayan, featuring local and international artists.

“Meanwhile in Tri-State New York, the podcast “Over A Glass Or Two” hosted by Jessy Daing and Jcas Jesse is the space for Filipino celebrities and people with inspiring stories. ©TOFA AWARDS 2020 #TOFA100.”

In continued celebration of its 10th anniversary this year, The Outstanding Filipinos in America (TOFA) Awards is naming the 100 Most Influential Filipinos in America, its very own list of the FilAm community’s movers and shakers over the past decade.

TOFA Awards is holding its 10th anniversary special on October 31. In view of Covid-19 restrictions, Carnegie Hall, the home of TOFA Awards since its inception, is closed until early next year.

This brings the 10th anniversary celebration online which aims to repeat the success of TOFA Luminaries, the first-ever virtual gathering produced by TOFA last June and a happening event that helped break most everyone’s pandemic gloom.

Dr. Boy Abunda, Asia’s King of Talk, will serve as master of ceremonies for TOFA100. TOFA Awards will be announcing more TOFA100 honorees this month through to October on its Facebook page.

Ecstatic as they can get are the hosts of #OAGOT (OVER A GLASS OR TWO).

Jessy Daing and Jcas Jesse are over the moon when the news reached them about the nomination.

OAGOT has been flying with lots of colors over the podcast stream with the different personalities they feature on the show, especially artists and influential celebrities from the Philippines as well.

Every show is a different treat. And feat.

Now on its more than a hundredth episode, i just about six months, Jessy and Jcas are looking forward to featuring more personalities.

“It is such a breeze to talk or chat with them na para lang you are in the kitchen. and after a long day, getting to know how life has been. Sarap na sarap kami ni Jcas exchanging conversations with them and opening somethings to be discovered in their lives, even personal things na hindi rin nila madalas maikwento. Na nagiging at home rin sila talking to us.”

For Jcas, “It’s like eavesdropping pero magkakaharap naman kayo. Parang kayo lang ang naguusap-usap kahit there’s so many people na pala watching and listening and really eavesdropping with the conversations.”

Depending on the availability of their guests, either early morning or almost late at night, Manila time, the hosts are aware as to when they can ask more personal questions from their guests.

RK Bagatsing gave them the pleasure of showing his abs, was it six packs? The shy Chad Borja was made to open up about a lot of things in his life, his bout with cancer included and more. The truth about “Moonlight in Paris” in Paolo Santos’ singing career. The Atheist suitor that Donita Rose almost fell in love with. The inspiring stories which Princess Punzalan shared. Ice Seguerra’s love story with his wife, Liza Diño Seguerra. And of course, the many things they learned from the King of Talk himself, Boy Abunda.

The Boy A. even asked Jessy to do a co-hosting stint with him when they interviewed one of the most influential women in the US, Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

And more. From Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, Regine Velasquez, Jaya, Luke Mejares, Jinggoy Estrada , Eric Quizon, Faith Cuneta, Ryle Santiago, the list just goes on.

Jessy and Jcas and direk JV and OAGOT succeeded in the goal of their show to feature not just artistas and celebrities but people who have inspiring stories to tell.

“Our show’s main goal is to raise awareness for our kababayans in the US & all over the world how Pinoy artists, icons & social media influencers are currently coping with current issues. A lot of their fans in the US are eager to know their whereabouts and have some stress relief specially during these times of global crisis.”

There are times that they invite a co-host to share the chat with them.

An interesting personality comes on board every now and then. This personality was discovered by them. She is someone who was brave enough to come out on their show and opened and shared her life as a transgender woman.

Lally Amante’s journey was shared and was viewed by so many which has inspired a lot in the show.

There’s more than meets the eye with the bubbly personalities of Jessy and Jcas in the show.

Soon to guest are Inspirational Diva Jamie Rivera on November 1; Actor, Singer and now A Sculptor Raymond Lauchengco on November 25; Asia’s Ms. Dulce from the entertainment world and from other field of endeavors, Jay Costura a future seer, and Speakers from New York dubbed as the Power Duo, Jerry Sibal and Edwin Josue.

It always is interesting to listen and watch them as if you’re in their neighborhood in New York and getting invited to have a drink with them.

TOFA is their gift. For inspiring, educating, enlightening and making people laugh with their antics as well.

Cheers, guys! A toast to their lucky stars! (30)

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