From (Ex) Presidential Daughters!


BY: Pilar Mateo

LIVING different lives. Treading different paths.

Kris Aquino is back! Not on television as she earlier announced, but with a different task to do with Shopee!

MOMMY KRISSY has a message:

“We were all awake so early, and honestly they’ve put up with a lot since October 10… i couldn’t have asked for more love, support, and affirmation… it’s been a whirlwind… BUT most of all when my song was “wake me up when september ends” they understood where the disappointment came from & just comforted me with nonstop hugs.

“when we got this contract, i cried & it was because the mom in me felt my sons could be proud of me again… maybe some perspective? i knew my mom felt proudest of her “baby” whenever a new commercial would be airing. it was a rule in her home- no competing products could be bought, only what i endorsed.

“it’s been leaked online- so i’m allowed to say this- to @shopee_ph THANK YOU for believing in me when i needed to believe in me again. i know we only signed for 1 year, BUT you really did give me #forever. You opened doors i had already conditioned my heart to accept were already closed. And because of your faith in me, you have paved the way for many new, exciting opportunities.

“before i am kris, i’ll always first be Cory’s daughter, and Josh & Bimb’s mama… @shopee_ph you gave me that most special gift, the rare second chance in a lifetime to give the best in me to make the 3 people i need most to see the best version of me, come true for all to see-again. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

AND some more…

“i haven’t checked on FB for a few months, BUT you all surprised me and made me feel so much happiness today. Nakita ko yung views for my Shopee TVC & my Shopee “unboxing”…

“Maraming salamat sa pagbigay ninyo ng panahon para sumuporta… This is the honest truth, next month pa ang dating ng talent fee ko, and i know God appreciates a generous giver… i also know malaki talaga ang utang na loob ko sa inyo kasi binigyan nyo ng importansya ang “comeback” ko… sa 🇺🇸 last Thursday of the month of November ang THANKSGIVING- November 26 yun.

“But that’s 1 day before my dad’s birthday… My dad was the very first person who supported my dream- so on November 27, because just like him YOU have supported my dream, so many times and in so many ways- it’s my turn to express my THANKS to you… i’ll discuss with my team what we can do to make as many as you HAPPY by sharing the blessings i’ve received. i’ll update you soonest when we’ve come up with something exciting so that lahat tayo will feel the #lovelovelove. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

“Again- THANK YOU, kasi totoo naman, i wouldn’t be the complete me, the happy me, without you.”

The generous Kris is soooo back. Better make tutok in all her social media handles.

At the launch of her Shopee project, a media person won P50K in a game.

Game na ba kayo?



Following a landmark expression of support for same-sex civil unions by Pope Francis, Senator Imee Marcos has revived her call to grant same-sex partners the right to jointly own property in a similar way that married heterosexual couples do.

Through Senate Bill 417, Marcos has sought to remedy the absence of a law legalizing same-sex unions so that partnered LGBT members could enjoy property rights.

The Marcos bill, entitled “An Act Instituting A Property Regime For Cohabiting Same Sex Partners And For Other Purposes,” was among the first that she filed as senator in July 2019, granting same-sex couples who have been living together for at least one year an equal share in property, income, donations, or gifts acquired during the relationship.

Marcos said her bill could pave the way toward a law on civil unions among the LGBT community that Pope Francis advocates.

“ ‘What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered,’ ” Marcos reiterated, quoting Pope Francis in the documentary “Francesco,” which featured in the ongoing Rome Film Festival and received the 18th Kineo Prize in the Vatican Gardens on Thursday.

“It’s time to seriously take up legislation that will benefit our relatives, friends, and workmates who are part of the LGBT community,” Marcos asserted.

“As Pope Francis also said, ‘Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God,’ ” Marcos added.

To guard against abusive same-sex relationships, inherited property and assets that involve other parties are excluded in the proposed legislation.

Also, the lease or sale of assets acquired during a relationship must be approved by both same-sex partners, in writing.

Debts or loans acquired without the consent of the other are considered personal obligations and liabilities.

The co-ownership of property ends when a same-sex couple splits up, or upon the death or permanent disability of one of the partners, after which all properties can be equally divided.

Same-sex partners will have the option to continue joint ownership of property, but this must be declared by both partners in writing and duly notarized.

“As controversial as the issue of same-sex unions continues to be, the sharing of assets individually or jointly acquired in an ongoing relationship is the most natural thing to do,” Marcos said. (30)

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