Have you had your Fix Today?


BY: Pilar Mateo

HEALTH is Wealth! So true!

The reason why, when a good friend, actress Patricia Javier introduced me to her Chiropractor hubby in San Diego, California, USA where they used to live, I have believed in what a spine alignment means.

Fast forward to the present. When the couple have decided to live here and the Doc, practice his profession to introduce in his would be patients.

Now, Doc Rob’s Clinic has birthed three more clinics, in Makati, Alabang and Cavite.

It just keeps improving. They opened the Vitality Wellness Center where new treatments are being offered.

Stem Cell, Vitamin Infusion, Colonics, Biozapper, and Live Blood Cell Analysis.

I was made to get my blood analysis.

Live blood cell analysis is an assessment tool for evaluating the state of one’s overall health. This method of analyzing blood from a patient allows the practitioner to gain information about the terrain, the nutritional status, immune system and oxidation-reduction reactions.

Patricia’s brother, naturopath Israel Canlapan took my analysis. So, looking at my blood cells on the monitor, questions about liver stress, high cholesterol, high uric acid and the health of blood cells will be answered. And what one has to do with the types of human cells in the human body.

The massage chairs in the Clinic are a breather. And I was also made to experience the Biozapper, which I heard was enjoyed by comedienne Giselle Sanchez. It helps eliminate destructive bacteria bh tbe use of electric current.

Go the natural way. As Naturopath Israel would make recommendations on your diet, food supplements, natural juices and therapy.

So, the juicer should be waiting at home to welcome CUPPAS (carrots, upo, pipino, pears, apple and sayote) to be taken 8 x a day!

From his chiropractic pillows, Doc Rob’s Vitality and Wellness Center now offers Wellness Supplements like Total Joint Care, Ultra Fish Oil and Vitamin D, and Loaded Vitamin C Packs.

To book your appointments, the numbers ro call are 09054448172 (Quezon City); 09959110881 (Makati); 09270095558 (Alabang); and 09673159110 (Cavite).

In the “new normal”, this should be the new way of thinking about one’s health and wellness!


IF AND WHEN it is about health and wellness, I would readily try the products and the services they would offer.

Actress Jodi Sta. Maria has been known to be a health buff and when the pandemic happened and CoVid19 didn’t want to leave and dwelt in the world, Jodi focused more of her attention in wanting to give the best to her family, especially for son Thirdy where health and wellness is concerned.

In a media conference to launch the new health product she is endorsing, where she is also sharing a business opportunity, Jodi shared what she and the products and the business can offer.


“We are a cGMP Certified Manufacturing company that has helped people pursue healthy, active lives since 2006. Our products are available exclusively through a network of Independent HealthyFix Dealers.

“We have built a reputation for world-class manufacturing and knowledge based on 15 years of industry experience and expertise.

“When you choose HealthyFix, you choose the largest natural health supplement and specialist food and cosmetics manufacturer in Philippines serving global markets. We are dedicated to helping you grow your business and proud of our market and manufacturing reputation. You are supported by talented people with massive industry experience delivering customized, full-service product solutions.

#HealthyFix #HealthyFixStore

Jodi has partnered with Nino Bautista and Red Gatus.

“Inisip ko naman kung ano ‘yung business I can get into na as I go along, marami pa rin akong natututunan. Sila ang dumating. Sila ang may expertise sabi nga, sa health and wellness kaya kampante ako. At maganda naman talaga siyang i-share sa lahat. Kaya naman, happy ako with the partnership. Makakatulong ka na healthwise, pwede pa rin nilang gawing business ito.”

Are you ready to take control of your daily income and earn more with the HEALTHYFIX® Business Opportunity?

Are you ready to help change people’s lives with the best health, beauty and wellness products?

Sign Up Today Visit www.healthyfixstore.com

Thanks to my good friend Raymart Santiago of “FPJs Ang Probinsyano” for sending to sample the supplements as a birthday gift (which was introduced to the media on the day of my birthday October 12).A fine set of HealthyFix Supplements.

Five bottles of Food Supplements: Citrus Bioflavonoids Sodium Ascorbate; L-Carnitine Green Tea Extracts; Reduced L-Glutathione Alpha Lipoic Acid Ascorbic Acid; Grape Seed Extract (Procyanidins) Ascorbic Acid Vitamin E; and Marine Collagen.

The HealthyFix L-Carnitine + Green Tea.

Carnitine is an essential non-toxic, natural nutrients that helps burn fat for fuel. It contains epigallocatechin gallate is a powerful anti-oxidant which may help during exercise, thus increasing the ratio of muscle tissue to fat causing a higher metabolic rate and adding a fat burning benefit. It promotes thermogenesis a process in which fats is converted into energy.

✓less muscle soreness
✓better post-work out recovery
✓boost nitric oxide production
✓it serves as antioxidant
✓for better bowel movement
✓energy booster
✓weight management

About Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant.

500mg GSH or populary known as reduced Glutathione is a prime form of glutathione, a master antioxidant, which aside from helping the body fight free radicals, it also inhibits dark melanin (or dark pigment of the skin) and promotes the light melanin( light pigment of the skin)

✓Universal Antioxidant
✓Anti- inflamatory properties
✓Prevents acne
✓Prevents from sagging skin
✓Whitening properties
✓Boost collagen production
✓Hormonal imbalance

There’s more to know about the different Supplements in their website.

Making a difference in the life of one person starts a ripple that can affect a lot. That is Jodi’s goal.

We see Jodi and Raymart nightly on TV. And they truly glow!

I hate her as Marissa in “Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin”. While Raymart makes my heart flutter with the “kilig scenes” he shares with Shaina Magdayao in #FPJAP when he takes a break from the action scenes with Cardo (Coco Martin).

They make my nights complete. And now, my health better if not at its best!

Thank Heaven for the guidance that they bring for us to get the best health benefits which we need especially at these times. (30)

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