The Bubble Gum Pop Princess Shines Through; as the Singing Idol Gives Christmas a New Face!


BY: Pilar Mateo

MANY times, people have mistaken her for the singer Moira. But, twenty year old Christi Ann Fider doesn’t mind.

“That’s because I also love her voice and the way she sings. So, because she exudes so much positivity, I really don’t mind. Noong magkita kami, hindi ko naman naisip ‘yun or pumasok in my kind na oo nga, magkamukha pala kami,” shared Christi in one of her moments with the press.

Star Music PH, saw and heard a talent in Christi as far as singing is concerned. Thanks to director and songwriter Joven Tan, who had the knack for discovering voices that can match the songs he writes about!

“Direk Joven asked me to sing his composition. Bagay daw ‘yun sa voice ko. And now, streaming na siya in all music platforms, in iTunes, YouTube, Deezer, Spotify…

“When he made me listen to it, napansin ko agad the meaning of the lyrics. What I noticed kasi, with the songs na we hear now, more on sa tunog sila. But when I listened to “Teka, Teka, Teka, very timely ang message niya so people can really relate to it. The goal is to make people experience some sense of joy when they hear it! So, am thankful na it was given to me at sa akin bumagay.”

People will really be curious about this Korean-looking doll who admitted that she’s NBSB (no boyfriend since birth).

“Maybe, I got stuck to that belief or idea that if and when I will have a boyfriend, he should be the one I will be married to. Kaya, my mind never focused in that. I finished my History course in UST. But now, am helping in the family business and doing my own, as well (baking goodies is one).”

She has a big crush though, in Donny Pangilinan. Who she dreams of doing a collab in the future, if it be allowed.

Slowly, Christi’s dreams of being a singer has started to be a reality.

“Banyo lang ang nakakarinig noon ng boses ko. When I take my showers. Danceable tunes pa nga. Britney Spears. Christina Aguilera. Even Sarah Geronimo. Pero lately nga, kay Moira and Marion Aunor naman ang nasa playlist ko.”

Thanks to TikToker Zeus Collins, who was one of the first who took notice of Christi’s song and did a version of his dance using the song.

“It has gone viral. Marami na ang naka-relate. Marami na ang sumasayaw to it. Kaya am really very thankful.”

Christi opens her heart, mind and soul in her Vlogs in her ChristiV.

Doing the rounds of radio stations virtually, Christi is very ecstatic with the way that her fans and audience are accepting her song.

No longer needs to wait! Teka, Teka, Teka sizzles in the charts.

Christi is lucky as well to have a fmaily that supports her in her dreams.

“They just let me be and enjoy where I will be happiest. Ayaw nila umeksena para the spotlight daw will be with me lang. Pero nandyan lang sila. Nakasilip lang!”

And making “kaway, kaway”, too!

Remember her as your Bubble Gum Pop Princess. Let her pop her tune into your ears!


HE WAS dubbed as the singing Idol when he was launched as a recording artist by Star Music.

Time flew and LA Santos has proven his worth as a singer who will be followed by a lot of music lovers.

After his “Tinamaan” his new song, “Hibang” is once again a hit with its bouncy tune to his followers.

Released by 7K Sounds, it is now enjoying its release in all digital platforms together with a music video.

But, there’s more to LA’s being an artist of 7K Sounds.

In a Zoom Media Conference, LA, the founder and flagship artist of 7K Sounds started a project with newscaster Gretchen Ho, artist and vlogger Iman Franchesca, singer-songwriter Nicole Asensio, came together to launch “The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs.” The mission of which is to bring out the Christmas spirit in their new show.

The online reality search aims to discover Filipino Christmas songs that will amplify how hopeful Filipinos are for a happy Christmas, in spite of the ongoing global pandemic and national crisis.

“The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs” will be aired Fridays at 7 p.m. on the 7K Sounds Facebook Page.

And viewers like you and me will have the chance to vote online from December 4-10, 2020 after listening to each composition, as to who will be hailed the Grand Champion on December 11, 2020 and bring home the P25K grand prize.

The wing behind LA’s project, Mommy Flor Brioso Santos just stood behind the sidelines, watching LA and the other artists and Direk Alco Guerrero discuss the project, hosted by Jett Pangan.

According to Direk Alco, “Originally, this was not the format. But at the onset of the pandemic, we thought of doing it for the Christmas season. Let’s not make it a competition but a search.”

And from Mommy Flor, who was in her window in a hotel in China, attending to her other businesses, “Na-excite kami with the idea. Kasi, lahat ng genre papasok with Christmas as its theme. Mailalabas lahat ng talento, kahit mga lolo at lola natin. Baka may naitatabi silang mga kanta nila, from all regions ng Pilipinas, mula sa seven thousand islands that we have. Ilabas natin. Sayang, eh. Ako, music lover lang. Si LA na ang kakanta.”

2020 will end with the Christmas Season and what better way but to share it with a song or songs that truly embodies the Pinoy soul.

One of LA’s as well as his Mom’s dream is for us, Pinoys, and the country to be known for our OPM songs globally-just like what Korea has in their K-Pop and others which have introduced their identity where music is concerned.

“Para if we go rin to other places all over the world, meron din tayong sarili nating K-Pop. Kaya 7K Sounds is here.”

They are the two faces of music today.

Christi, the Bubble Gum Pop Princess; LS the Singing Idol with his 7K Sounds Search.

The newest faces of OPM!

Teka, Teka, Teka, ma-HIBANG na tayo sa musika nila! (30)

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