Build Her Up! The Princess of Bubble Gum Pop!


BY: Pilar Mateo

LORDING the different platforms in just weeks since it was launched, the song “Teka, Teka, Teka”, gets so much support from the listeners who loved not just the tune but the message it wants to get across.

Behind the song is a beauteous lady named Christi Fider whom Star has entrusted to record it.

Now dubbed as the Bubble Gum Pop Princess, how is she doing along with her song?

“I am super overwhelmed with all the support that I’m getting. People have been using my song on Tiktok and I’m very happy kasi marami akong positive responses na nakukuha. I just hope na napasaya ko or nalighten ko yung mood ng mga tao through this song.

How is Christi enjoying the popularity now? Was it her dream? Meron ba siyang ibang work sa tinapos niyang course?

“Everything is very new to me. After the release of the song medyo busy schedule na because of the promotions and all. I’m just so happy kasi a lot of people are supporting me right now like my family and friends.

“There is also this group of teens (ChristiNation) na very supportive with promoting me and all. I’m happy na I get to talk to them and minsan nagbo-bond kami over video call. Nakakakilig kasi I’m like an ate na to these teens and now it’s a responsibility din for me to be a good role model to them.

“Yes, it has always been my dream as a kid to become an actor and a singer. Yun kasi kinalakihan ko, watching a lot of concerts, musicals and films, so ever since pangarap ko na talaga. I tried to take a different path (like pre-Law) but being in the entertainment industry is really what I want.

“I wasn’t really able to pursue Law kasi I focused on helping my brother with his jewelry business which I also enjoyed. Right now I’m putting a lot of effort in my career by doing YouTube contents, hopefully makakuha din ng different acting gigs and I’m going to start a new brand, a brand that will become our family’s legacy.

Does she write her own songs? What’s next?

“When it comes to writing my own songs yes I do, everything is still in progress. Good thing I have direk Joven (Tan) to mentor me. Hopefully one day I can share it with everyone.

“What’s next? Right now super focused kami with the promotion for

“Teka, Teka, Teka”. After this we’re going to release another single. We also have something planned na din for Christmas.”

That would be soon. So, no long waiting in line.

She could pass for a Koreana, but she is Pinay through and through.
Get your dose of her lovely voice and music. Start making “kaway, kaway”! (30)

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