A Magazine? Like No Other! Spotlight On!


BY: Pilar Mateo

AT A time like this? Yes, it’s possible! And feasible!

Thanks to Pen Manahan of Orange County’s circle for coming out with an online and physical reading material for all to enjoy!

SPOTLIGHT MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT’s aim is to provide digital content for the Asian American community. By bringing exclusive interviews, reviews, cooking segments, and all things trendy.

Spotlight Media Entertainment will keep you in the loop so that you are always up to date on all things exciting that Spotlight Media Entertainment covers.

In the time of pandemic, a publisher from Orange County, wants to give the readers, not just a glimpse but an overall view of what is happening in the here and now. In every nook and cranny of the world. Starting in her own backyard-America!

What has SPOTLIGHT Magazine to offer?

For its maiden issue, on the cover and in the Spotlight is Patricia Odette Tam, who shared the Science of Beauty and Success to the readers.

P-laces to see will take us to the beauty of Colorado for those wanting to travel this side of America soon.

On Point features Pandemic Chic as shown and shared by Ms. M. Her fashion inspirations in her P.E.N.

T-ran and Sport will feature anything and everything about your favorite and dream cars. The Art of Car!

L-ive. Laugh. Love. This issue will delve on The (Medicine) Cabinet Files. The top 5 or Pentamic most important things in the time of Pandemic.

I-nternational Beat has Jason Tobin talking to Vlogget MJ Racadio about the importance of Asian representation in Hollywood.

G-astronomic Adventures will give us not just your favorite recipes from around the world but what’s sizzling in the Pan in Pandemic. This time by Ms. M herself from her own kitchen.

H-ome. As they say, is where the heart is! in here, designers will show us thwir playground in designing, decorating and their inspirations. Alex Pineda and David Tupaz will showcase what simplicity and casual elegance and interior designs is all about.

T-ech Me Back are for the tech savvy. Gadgets and all. In this issue, packet computers are featured.

There’s more-events highlights where concerts like Angelique Quinto and K Brosas’ Agua Caliente gig was featured.

Be a Socialight in Spotlight is the Magazines operative word as it has ooened its pages to offer what the world needs-in as far as reading as a hobby, for educarion and information is about!

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Video is also uploadable on our Youtube Channel: https://youtu.be/InjxYTANHGc

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