Claire Ruiz and Miko Raval star in a romcom movie, “Crazy in Love with You.”

KAPAMILYA star Claire Ruiz and Miko Raval in a new romantic-comedy movie, “Crazy in Love with You.”

Claire plays the role of Jayda Bertolli, a young and beautiful self-published author who feels that her boyfriend doesn’t love her as much as she loves him. Until she perceives her boyfriend cheating on her. 

After watching videos of a self-help guru, she eventually landed a highprofile job in a dynamic and international firm. Then, she begins receiving bouquets of flowers from secret admirer. And the rest is the story of Crazy In Love With You. The story is written by the executive producer herself, Romina Wilcox.

The movie will be line produced by actor Mike Lloren and Edward James (EJ) Salcedo will be directing it.

Aside from Claire and Miko, also starring Mike Lloren, Ariella Arida, Tanya Gomez, Ara Altamira, Coleen Perez, John Arcenas, Irene Solevilla, Zyrn Laguitao, Jay Gonzaga, Pantene Palanca, MJ Cayabyab, Myhca Bautista, Andrew Gan, Angelo Patrinomio, with LotLot Bustamante, Sasi Casas, LM Torres, Clyde Enriquez, Jojo Vitug, Ching Reyes, Pau Benitez and more.

In this movie, you will surely laugh, release your pent up feelings, fall in love,  a film you can relate on a whole different level.

It will premiere in February 2021. They start to shoot the movie this October.

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