Have You Been Crazy in Love?


BY: Pilar Mateo

ANOTHER fearless person, a risk-taker at that, is dipping her fingers in producing Pinoy films, even if she is already settled in America.

US-based Filipino novelist Romina Wilcox is producing a romantic comedy film entitled, “
Crazy In Love With You”.

She trusted actor Mike Lloren to handle the nitty-gritty of the production as her line-producer and the directorial job to Edward James “EJ” Salcedo.

Who is Romina Wilcox?

Before wearing the hat of a movie producer, Romina has been capturing the hearts of novel enthusiasts with the books she wrote. “Cold Eyes” (2006), “The Calendar” (2011), “The P.I.G. Mantras” (2012), “Pinkslipped” (2014) and “Split Decision” (2015), copies of which have been and are still being sold in Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Two of these are suspense thrillers (“Cold Eyes” and “The Calendar”) while “Split Decision” is a romantic thriller which she co-wrote with her friend, Carole Cox. “Pinkslipped” tells the tale of a nation trying to rediscover itself while “P.I.G. Mantras” is humorous, poignant and honest, which offers working women a glimpse of the inside world of a tenacious, successful woman who finds out that the better she gets, the more she understands how much better she is capable of being.

So, why did she not chose to do or turn into a movie any of these novels she wrote. But opted for a romantic-comedy film to share?

In the story conference held at RBiel’s Bistro recently, where Romina met the media via zoom, and attended by most of the cast, she said “The budget, if I do any of those novels I wrote would be sky-rocketing. It would entail each of the novel a very big budget to mount it. I am not saying that, “Crazy In Love With You” has lesser value. It’s just that, at the time of the pandemic, there are many things we have to consider.”

Romina has worked in Silicon Valley for a long while (17 years) where she immersed herself in understanding being in a corporate life in the semi-conductor industry.

Which she says gave her so much inspiration with her writing career.

Romina let us in on the synopsis of the movie which will bring to life a new tandem with Claire Ruiz and Miko Raval. Who will be supported by Ariella Arida, Tanya Gomez, Ara Altamira, Coleen Perez, John Arcenas, Irene Solevilla, Zyrn Laguitao, Jay Gonzaga, Pantene Palanca, MJ Cayabyab, Myhca Bautista, Angelo Patrimonio with Lotlot Bustamante, Sasi Casas, LM Torres, Clyde Enriquez, Jojo Vitug, Ching Benitez and Pau Benitez. Mike (Lloren) will also act in it.

The young and beautiful Jayda Bertolli (Claire) is a self-published author with a college degree under her sleeves, who seems to have it all in life. Or so she thought. Because she starts to realize that her boyfriend doesn’t love her that much. Cheating on her? And her life was never the same again when changes begin to happen.

Romina, who wrote it admitted that the story is close to her life. Because at one point of her living and loving, she like most of us have also been so crazy in love at some point.

Secret admirers? Intimacy. Connection. Mystery. Being in awe. Kilig moments that can’t be contained. Broken hearts. Learning about one’s self.

A movie where everyone who has a heart (to love and be loved) can relate.

With the conditions we have now in the time of pandemic, protocols and all, Mike and Direk EJ were asked on how can a romance movie get away with the social distancing being implemented.

Where does the kissing or even just hugging and embracing come in as part of the emotions in expressing one’s feelings.

Direk EJ and Mike promised that it is yet hard to explain how things can be done with protocols and all. But they assured that there would be magic in the story that the artists will portray with the roles given to them.

Being crazy in love in the new normal, in the time of pandemic.

Give it a break! (30)

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