Up Close and Personal with Romina Wilcox

WE had a great conversation with fiction author Romina Wilcox about her first movie project “Crazy in Love.”

Romina is the film producer of the said film. She’s currently working with actor Mike Lloren as the line producer, and EJ Salcedo as the director.

Romina and her career

Before “Crazy in Love”, she was known as a novelist. More specifically, suspense thrillers like Cold Eyes and The Calendar.

She also published romantic thriller and chicklit such as Split Decision (with co-author Carole Cox), The P.I.G. Mantras, and Pinkslipped.

She admits that working in a corporate world helps her create her stories.

“I have had a solid career working in a high-tech industry for more than 15 years. Working (and living) in Silicon Valley provided me a very rich and solid experience and at the same time it enhanced me professionally and personally.” she said.

“Recently, I left Silicon Valley and moved to Reno. I work here in a hospital setting working in Risk Department. But in every opportunity, I continue to write.” she added.

Working on a film for the first time

Crazy in Love is her first movie project as a producer. She’s also the writer of the movie, and she based it from her personal experience.

“The stories I write are a reflection of me, and my experience in life. For instance, I am currently producing a movie in Manila, and the storyline is a fictionalize version of a beautiful encounter I’ve experience. It’s a romantic-comedy and I am very excited about telling the whole world about this romance that was once the reality of my life.” she said.

How’s her experience so far?

“But I am indebted to my production crew, mainly my line producer Mike Lloren. He is the one responsible for forming our group. From director to production manager, PR, etc. Without them, there would be no film currently in production at the moment.”

Crazy in Love is now in production. The movie stars Kapamilya actors Claire Ruiz, Miko Raval , Mike Lloren, John Arcenas, Zyrn Laguitao, Jay Gonzaga, Pantene Palanca, MJ Cayabyab, Myhca Bautista, Angelo Patrinomio, Ara Altamira, and more.

The movie was supposed to be part of Summer Metro Manila Film Festival 2020, but it didn’t happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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