The Supershow App Must Go On!


BY: Pilar Mateo

GERMAN Moreno’s legacy to discover and help talents continue in The Supershow App.

The Supershow App came about sometime in early 2019 when Federico Moreno, son of the iconic star builder, the late German “Kuya Germs” Moreno was asked by one of his friends to help in finding a wedding singer.

Federico told them that he would get back to them and make some calls. To his surprise and being in the entertainment industry, he was not able to find one based from the availability, date and budget that they wanted.

He asked himself, “Why is it so complicated and hard to find one?” That was Federico’s “light bulb moment”.

He started doing research by asking different sectors in society. From parents needing clowns or magicians for their children’s party. Casting agents in need of television commercial models. Wedding planners looking for wedding hosts and singers. Bar owners in need of bands and lounge singers. Other event organizers in need of talents and performers. He found out that everyone had the same problem.

This is how the Supershow App came about. A convenient, reliable, seamless and easy to find and discover talents all in one app.

“This app is one way of continuing my father’s legacy in helping the industry by helping talents get bookings and discovering new ones.” Federico said.

Carrying this dream, he instantly built a team with his very own mentor, Mr. Jose “Jomag” Magsaysay Jr., Chairman Emeritus of Potato Corner. A team that will inspire these people to become relevant with whatever talents they have. “At The Supershow App, we cannot wait to connect gifted individuals for the right job/event at the right time and make everyone happy.” added Jomag.

Federico then spoke to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, who is like a brother to him and one of Kuya Germs’ protegee, if he could be a part of the project which he wholeheartedly accepted and collaborated.

It is also the mayor’s way of giving honor to the late Kuya Germs and give support to undiscovered talents which he is a living testimony to it way back when he was starting in the entertainment industry.

And most especially, with the pandemic hitting the industry very hard. It has become a part of the Supershow App’s mission to rebuild and set new standards in the industry of entertainment.
Federico and his partners have made it a priority to help displaced talents who are having difficulties getting booked during these hard times and help them adapt to the new normal.

As the Philippine Entertainment world celebrates Kuya Germs’ birthday on Oct 4, the Supershow App is now pooling for talents who can be a part of the team! Talents can now submit their 30 seconds to 1-minute video material by visiting

Everyone can now visit and like The Supershow App social media pages to learn more about it and embrace the “New Normal” in the entertainment industry.

Log on to and get discovered, get booked!

You can start booking talents for your events starting November 25, 2020. (30)

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