Sana “Oil”!


BY: Pilar Mateo

THERE’S a new thing that comedienne/singer/painter/entrepreneur and many more hats that Tuesday Vargas enjoys wearing everyday.

In her newest post, Tuesday is now an “Oiler”. A what?

“I am an oiler. I am a super mom. I am an all around artist and career woman. I’m a yoga practitioner for 12 years and an advocate of the natural way of life. I just discovered @youngliving @younglivingphilippines essentials and I look forward to all the benefits it will give me.

“Since the first day of using the products, it empowered me to be more conscious of products we use at home, from hair and skin care to pain relievers to home cleaning products. It has given birth to a thriving global business.

“My community and I like YOU to see this for yourself. Come join us. Ask. Feel. We’ve got an online oil convention happening on the 27th. Save the date. Swipe for the program and more details. And of course, fun giveaways. Comment here, share our posters, and win. #youcansitwithus #joindfusion #theoilnaturalproject #weareoilers #TeamTuesdayYL @fitmomsprojectph

“Register here:

“In 5 days and with the collective effort of my team plus the massive support given to me by Tina de Guzman and The Hush Angels, I was able to achieve my executive rank. None of this would have been possible without the guidance of my mentors and unwavering tenacity of my team leaders and members who constantly find ways to build on what the company has already started.

“You may wonder why I do this despite the multitude of enterprises I have already entered the past few years. Those who know me well would attest that I am the kind of person who doesn’t let up. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going so they say. I was quick on my feet to attract possitive opportunities in the new normal.

“I dream of one day being able to have the financial freedom to be able to help those I love and maybe even strangers too who want to change their lives. Today is the start of the week but for me, its the start of a new chapter in my life.

“Thank you to my Young Living Philippines family for accepting me and for teaching me this lifestyle. I will be forever grateful.
This is just the beginning… on to bigger and better things! #TeamTuesdayYL

“Today I led my first class on essential oils online.

“It was both exciting and daunting but despite the mixed emotions, I went in with a prayer in my heart so I can inspire others.

“Thank you once again to my Young Living family, to Tina de Guzman Ryan Cablitas Monica Cipriano Joson Joseph Puducay for being the wind behind my wings. Let’s do this again! #TeamTuesdayYL.”

Join in the fun she’s enjoying! For your health and wellness, too! (30)

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