Over a Glass or Two! Cheers!


BY: Pilar Mateo

THERE is another online show that will surely get you glued to their conversations. Try to eavesdrop! And get hooked!

Over A Glass Or Two (OAGOT) is a podcast who boasts of Filipino-American podcasters (Jessy Daing & Jcas) based in New York/New Jersey, USA.

How did they come into being?

Jessy shared their story.

“OAGOT was formed a year ago but started being active & pushing content last April 2020, by interviewing famous Filipino celebrities & people with inspiring stories on our OAGOT Facebook page & Youtube channel. Celebrities we interviewed: Boy Abunda, Gary Valenciano, Regine Velasquez, Martin Nievera, Jaya, Raymond Francisco, Eric Quizon, Jinggoy Estrada, and many more. We also added vlogs by featuring different places in the East Coast as part of our content.”

Who are Jessy and Jcas? And Direk Jayvee!

Jessy, Jcas & Direk Jayvee have been friends for more than 10 years. They travelled & explored different places & countries for so many years.

There was no weekend that they don’t hang out with their friends or family members over a bottle of wine. So the whole idea of this podcast was conceptualized by Jessy & Direk Jayvee.

Since they always talked about anything and everything under the sun during their “inuman sessions”, thought of making it a podcast was born. The three of them were fans and avid listeners of podcasts like “The Joe Rogan Experience”, “Inside of You” with Michael Rosenbaum” and “Conan Needs A Friend” with Conan O’brien.

What is the show about?

“Our show’s main goal is to raise awareness for our kababayans in the US and all over the world on how Pinoy artists, icons & social media influencers are currently coping with current issues.

“Our podcast helps to bridge the gap between Filipinos all over the world to the Philippines. We alleviate homesickness of our kababayans globally by interviewing their favorite celebrities, delivering nostalgic references, sharing and inspiring motivational stories that everyone can relate to. Our podcast is also a tool for Pinoy artists all over the world who wants to have an exposure to the US market.

The concept of the podcast is like a kitchen table talk – relaxing vibe. The two hosts & guests can talk about anything & everything under the sun while drinking their favorite cocktails or any drinks that they prefer.

Get to know them more.

JESSY DAING is the founder/host of Over A Glass Or Two.

Jessy is not your regular Jane. She’s a very talkative person, she can cover a lot of subjects and topics in any “inuman” session. She was born in Quezon City but has been living in the United States for 21 years. She currently works at a prestigious corporate multi-billion hedge fund company in New York as an Information Manager.

Aside from her day job, she’s also an entrepreneur. She had a luxury authentic bags and accessories business for over 10 years on her Jessy Couture Facebook page. She also practiced professional makeup services for weddings and events, even diving as a makeup artist in New York Fashion Week.

Jessy worked at ABS-CBN Balitang-K as a Researcher after graduating in Communication Arts at Colegio De San Lorenzo. She also took up Construction Management at Rutgers University.

She was a breaking news anchor in RPN-9 before she decided to migrate to the US. A former TV host in a program called “iAmFilAm” which aired on The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Follow Jessy on:Instagram: @jessy_daing and Facebook: Jessy Daing

JESSE CASTRO aka JCAS is an online and real life “comedian” who loves to laugh and make people laugh. Armed with a degree in Architecture from Mapúa Institute of Technology, and minor design degrees in Parsons & Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NY. He was also an online host of “iAmFilAm.”

He is currently an Insurance Specialist for one of the biggest hospitals in Midtown Manhattan. JCAS also loves fashion and would love to launch his own line someday.

Follow Jcas on: Instagram: @jcas_nyc, Facebook: Jcas Jesse, Youtube: JCAS_NYC, Tiktok: @jcas_nyc

Jessy can pass for an “artista”, ha! A bubbly personality who can truly turn your world around with the topics she can focus on in her conversations. A glib talker!

Heady and heavy conversations? Nah! Just having fun and sharing the times of your lives with your favorite concoctions! Over a glass. Yes, that it!

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