Dear Uge Presents: Ang Dalawang Mrs. U (Parts 1 & 2)


BY: Pilar Mateo

Months after the death of STELLA’s husband –Marco Unciano — she learns that her deceased husband entrusted a big sum of money to his gay best friend, ATTY. GEORGE.

Fortunately, George assures her that she can acquire this money after meeting certain conditions.

And because she knows that she has no legal rights to the money since it is under George’s name, she accepts his challenge and prepares herself to do whatever conditions he would ask.

But George is an inscrutable gay lawyer who loves surprises. And true to his character, he gives Stella an unlikely challenge imaginable. She needs to live with her husband’s kept woman, NELDA, under one roof for certain period of days.

They both accept it.

While living together, Atty. George keeps his eyes on them and observes their behavior toward each other. This is to assess who between these two Mrs. Uncianos deserves to have the money that their husband left.

Unknown to Atty. George, Stella and Nelda secretly start their almost deadly competition just to assert their right.

Stella brags the legality of her marriage with Marco, while Nelda claims that since she’s pregnant with Marco’s child, she should be the one eligible for the amount of money that he left to George.

No one is willing to give up and even cough up. Until Nelda decides to play dirty against Stella.

What will Stella do? What if Stella discovers Nelda’s dirty trick?

Let’s find out, only here in the reigning comedy anthology on Philippine television, Dear Uge presents: DALAWANG MRS. U.

And be wowed by the performance of Miss Eugene Domingo as Stella, Gardo Versoza as Atty. George, and Sanya Lopez as Nelda. Written by Jessie Villabrille, with Head Writer Gina Marissa Tagasa. Directed by Tata Betita.

Don’t miss it this Sunday, at 2:30 PM on GMA 7!

My Sundays are never complete if I don’t get to watch an episode of this show even if there are days when they need to have a replay.

Had a bit of a chit-chat with its head writer Gina Marissa Tagasa and shared some bits about the show and how they are pulling off.

“We brainstorm. May creative team kami. Four kami–Ako as Head Writer, a Writer tsaka 2 brainstormers. Nagiisip kami ng story concepts. Dinidevelop. Pinaaapprove sa heads . Si Uge sinasali ko sa approval committee kung type nya kwento.

“Naku di ako punta kasi mabigat mga requirements..swab testing etc. Mahirap for actors and production. Ang UGE under new normal…sa isang buwan replay kami dalawa pero may 2 na bago pero 2 parts. May Sundays na replay. Di pa talaga pwede makaderecho. Ganon din yata sa MPK at tapusan.

“Pati nga akapan bawal. Kaya kita mo ending namin. Hawak lang. Haha.

“I get my stories from real people, ‘teh P. Sa mga news about them.

“Napansin namin nung si Uge na ang bida at artista, maganda lalo ang response ng tao kasi nasabik sa kanya bilang aktres. Dati kasi bookends lang sya. 2 fresh, 2 replays kami a month muna under new normal. Ung fresh eps 2 parts lagi para isang set na ng guests.”

Where being a comedienne is concerned, Uge has carved her niche in the art. But she is also a great dramagic actress.

“Si Uge mahusay at matalinong aktres at komedyana. Nagiisip at malalim. Ayaw nya nung aarte sya at puchu-puchu lang materyal. Kasi para sa kanya aarte din lang sya, ayusin na ang kwento.

“Si Uge…”Kimmy Dora” days pa nyan fave comedienne ko na. Gusto ko ung mga matatalinong komedyante. I also like Vice Ganda di dahil sa comedy bar ang style nya pero may wit. Joey de leon, Michael V ganyan. Pero si Uge ang best comedienne. Comedy actress pala di lang comedienne.”

Save your Sunday afternoons and make it a habit to enjoy the stories created by the GMT. And of course, the performance of a not to be missed Actress! (30)

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