The Spotlight is on Her!


BY: Pilar Mateo

THIS time of pandemic has given most of us, doors to open, windows to view, things to explore.

In every part of the globe, where everyone is considered a captive because of the pandemic, surviving to thrive is the operative word.

This lady I met recently, through a good friend and a sought after Vlogger and talk show host Mj Racadio lives in what is considered a plush place in America – in Orange County. Think lifestyle of the rich and famous!

She is a true-blooded Filipina who was born, raised and educated on Philippine shores.

Pen de Leon Manahan admits, she was raised by very strict parents.

The reason why, she enjoyed reading and collecting women’s magazines where she saw the different turn of the world – in fashion, technology, travel, just everything and anything under the sun.

Fast forward to today, even if she has other businesses to attend to, her focus and attention goes back to those things that lifted her spirits as she browsed those magazines. Celebrities entertainment, the likes.

“That’s where I became a concert producer. Here in California. I produced Angeline Quinto and K Brosas’ concert a year ago. And had nt this pandemic happened, by this time, Rey Valera an Joey Generoso of Side A should be bringing cheers to our kababayans.

“Angeline and K, oh they were very nice people. I never had problems with them. Laya we had a successful show. Very natural in their own ways.”

She had this long-time dream of putting up her own magazine. Just like what she read, re-read and collected during her teenage years. Thanks to her Mom, who subscribed to these magazines which were handed to her.

“And because we are in the time of high-technology, where advanced na ang ikot ng ating kaalaman, and everything is now online, still want to come up with a magazine. Not just for women. But for everyone. And who has the interests in all that we can ever feature. So, there’ something about health and wellness, family, love and romance, travel. Name it. Whatever they want to read in a magazine will be given to them, virtually! That’s why, the title is SPOTLIGHT! There’s just so many stories to tell. Exactly what I want to see in a magazine. So, there is something for everyone. Global. This is where we are at now. The digital content. So, my kababayans watch out for it, it will be launched this October 1, 2020.”

Very humble generous. People lover. Beautiful inside and out. These are just some of the things that people who cross her path says of Ms. Pen.

The reason why, when this “Acoustic Playlist” with Rey and Joey was cancelled, she refunded all the tickets bought.

“I am thankful as well to all my sponsors, who even gave something to our charities. For our frontliners.”

Living in that side of the world, where the ambiance is what most would want to be in, to live in, there is a generous Filipina who just wants to give back to society.

We will “read” most of what she wants to share, as she puts out her’s and other people’s life and times in and on the SPOTLIGHT! (30)

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