New Kids on the Block. And Some!


BY: Pilar Mateo

IN SPITE of the sadness the whole world is experiencing because of the pandemic, some people, couples at that are grinning from ear to ear and giving away so much smiles because angels were brought to their lives!

New bundles of joy are being welcomed specially in the world of show business.

On September 7, 2020, a healthy 8-pounds baby girl, Sachi Brielle was born to Paulina Luz Sotto Jed Salgado Llanes.

Paulina is Bossing Vic’s daughter (with Angela Luz), and Paulina is the granddaughter of National Artist for Visual Arts, Arturo Luz.

On September 11, 2020, Heaven showered two couples their cute bundles of joy.

A healthy baby boy, Rodolfo Joaquin Diego III was born to newscaster Diane Medina and actor Rodjun Cruz, while Colleen Garcia and Billy Crawford were blessed to have a cute son in Amari.

The radiance in the faces of the first time Moms can be seen in the series of photos they have quickly shared in all their social media accounts.

With the lineage these babies have, showbiz is sure to have the best, if they will follow their royalties family’s footsteps.

A future Visual and National Artist. A news anchor or dancer or actor. A rapper and host. Perhaps! But that is still in the distant future.

For the now, it’s the grand dads and moms having a ball in spending time with the new kiddos.

Congratulations! Babies are such blessings!


AND while the babies are being raved about, somewhere under the great big sky, hearts are pounding with “kilig” as two couples continue to profess the love they have for their beloved.

We already know of Romnick Sarmenta’s Barbara Ruaro.

And for the nth time, this is what he wanted to share the world about his Muse.


Fact 1:
We met during the early months of 2019 at work and towards the last months of 2019 became friends, and started praying for each other’s personal well being
And we got together this year, while you and I were not involved with anyone

So no one has the right to call you names

Fact 2:
My children know everything
All the stories
And are in constant communication with me

So no one has the right to speak for them

Fact 3:
I do love you, very much
And I don’t really care much about what others may think or say – and will stand up for you whenever I need to

So people can stop second guessing our relationship

Fact 4:
I am with you in everything
And truly believe that we are blessed
And we are
I love you Barbara


ON THE other side of the fence, a lot were surprised when Harlene Bautista (Romnick’s now ex-wife) shouted out to the world, the guy who keeps her heart afloat.

Harlene just shared photos of their BGC date. Was it under a starry night?

they were celebrating their first month anniversary. Already.

The lucky guy is Federico or Freddie, the late Master Showman’s (German Moreno) only son!

While Romnick was very vocal about the love of his life, Harlene still keeps mum about the details about the love of her life.

Congratulations. Best wishes for the love birds on their newfound happiness!


MAYBE this is the reason why, one of our favorite restaurants in the metro continue to keep their establishment updated. Because of the occasions that can be celebrated.

Dates for the lovebirds. Celebrations for the whole family. Reunions with friends. Jist to have a cuppa. Or enjoy the pasta!

RBiel’s Bistro, even at a time such at this never fails to give their best service to their growing clientele.

When it had to close for a while, when most were under quarantine, owner Dom Villaruel was not disheartened. He knew they can still continue to serve those who have come to love not just the food but the ambience of the place.

First it re-opened with just take out or pick-up and deliveries.

But now, they have opened the function rooms for small gatherings, following the protocols needed to celebrate special moments and milestones in one’s life. Like a wedding!

“We’re happy. To have been of service to people who wants to celebrate life. In the time of pandemic. Of course, very limited because of the social distancing and all. But to be able to give them that gift of celebration. Kahit very intimate lang dahil bilang din lang ang pwede’ng ma-include, masaya sila.Kami na rin. To serve them the best foods we have in our menu.”

So, Sir Dom is thankful, that a lot of celebrities have tasted what they are offering – getting orders every now and then.

From Marissa Sanchez, Arnell Ignacio, Patricia Javier and husband Doc Rob Walcher, Deborah Sun, Congressman Alfred Vargas, Ms. Dulce, Ara Mina, Karla Estrada, Ms. Anabelle Rama and more!

For your ONCE IN A LIFETIME 💍👰👩‍❤️‍👨 moments.

Celebrate with RBiel’s Bistro located at 18B Congressional Ave Quezon City.

For inquiries and reservations call 09664637991/09087528559.

See you there! Masks and all! (30)

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