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BY: Pilar Mateo

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MJ is in his favorite place in the Universe-Uncle Sam’s Land of the Brave. Pouring his mind in continuing doing his interviews left and right and delivering it straight to your streams.

He’s got good news as well. As a son of Pangasinan, his work has made it to be included in a festival.

The Abrenian Heritage Film Festival (AHFF) is the first and only film festival in Abra Province founded in 2019 by its festival director Dexter Macaraeg to help promote the culture and heritage of the Cordillera Region.

Hollywood Entertainment Vlogger and recording artist from Villasis, Pangasinan, MJ Racadio documents his quarantine experience in California, USA in STAY HOME, the Finalist, in the Documentary Film Category at the 2nd Abrenian Heritage Film Festival 2020 Online Cinema.

#2ndAbrenianHeritageFilmFestival2020 #OnlineCinema

Ain’t that something to be proud of?

He’s got more in store.

Are you ready #Blogtalkers? The hottest episode to date of #BlogtalkwithMJRacadio Season 12 Finale Teaser. Segments from #BlogtalkHollywood to #BlogtalkFashion. Plus #BlogtalkWellness. Exclusive interviews including Christian Escobar (Actor/Model), Limuel Vilela (Model/Fashion Conductor), #DrTess (America’s Favorite Dermatologist), Pen De Leon Manahan aka Ms. M (#SpotlightMagazine Publisher/Fashionista/Enterpreneur).

Said he, “Super happy that we reached Season 12 Finale this month of September. I never expected this and evolve by itself. One thing, I can share, if I can inspire and empower one person at a time, I’ve done my purpose. “

The 2nd Gawad Sine Abreño will announce this year’s winners for the 2nd Abrenian Heritage Film Festival 2020 Online Cinema on 30 September, LIVE on Facebook. The categories are:

🏆 Best Short Film
🏆 Best Documentary Film
🏆 Best Director
🏆 Best Actress
🏆 Best Actor
🏆 Best Cinematography
🏆 Best Editing
🏆 Best Production Design
🏆 Best Sound Design
🏆 Jury Prize

The festival trophy is made of wire and wood inspired by the iconic bamboo camera by the National Artist for Film and and Broadcast Arts KIDLAT TAHIMIK, designed by Malaggay Lito from Malibcong, Abra, now based in Baguio City.


Wait. There’s more. Because of the pandemic that hit the whole of the world, MJ doesn’t waste his time just staying at home.

If here, in the Philippines, personal shoppers or pasabuy peeps have emerged to help other people, MJ has been doing the same for his neighborhood. And because time is of the essence to him, and wants it to be put to good use, even squeezed some time to get enrolled. Online!

“I decided to enroll for 4 weeks online course in #HarvardUniversity. I am taking up Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles Mobilize people to tackle tough problems and build the capacity to thrive through the dangers of change. #HarvardX.”

There’s more that MJ is planning to do as soon as he returns from his US stay.

A collaboration with a former folk-pop recording artist, who definitely will be your type is in the pipeline!

MJ is just so happy to share all he’s been learning in life and now in school to inspire more people. That in a time like this, CoVid-19 and all, there is and will always be a time for everything. Being productive is the operative word! (30)

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