New Viewing Habits!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

VERY timely.

That every morning after my walk on sunshine for my exercise, I have this delightful show to enjoy.

I had the privilege to be part of its mediacon via Zoom to get to know about the new and exciting things the show has to share. And to offer!

MANILA. 25 August, 2020 – Your mornings will certainly get better with the launch of TV5’s newest morning show, Chika, Besh! (Basta Everyday Super Happy) last August 17, 2020! It aims to impart reliable information and positive stories that will surely make the start of the day happy and enjoyable for viewers.


Given the challenging situations that Filipinos face daily and good news becoming a scarcity on television, Chika, Besh! gives everyone something to look forward to with its smile-worthy content. It will also touch on relatable issues on life, love, health, motherhood, and more! It’ll be a breath of fresh air, for sure.

Headlining the morning show are Pauleen Luna-Sotto, Pokwang and Ria Atayde. They are set to bring pure good vibes into your mornings with their genial personality and cheerful spirit. They will also cater to the needs and issues concerning women of all ages and walks of life.

Ria Atayde may be the youngest in the trio of hosts, but she has the maturity beyond her years. The movie and TV actress will also serve as the voice of the millennial generation.

Joining Pauleen, Pokwang, and Ria are DJ Malaya Macaraeg as field reporter for the in-show segment Tatak Pinoy featuring proudly Pinoy-made products. Christian Antolin will be the Ka-Chika for Laps Trips, a segment on delicious local and foreign food recipes. Lastly, Inricho Bautista is the resident Tiktoker of the show who will feature viral videos and stories for the Share Ko Lang segment – all bringing positive vibes to viewers at home!

Chika, Besh! will also have international correspondents who will take you around the world from the comforts of your home. They’ll have Taki Saito, a Filipina-Japanese actress and TV host based in Tokyo, Japan; Kimpoy Feliciano, who rose to fame for his pick-up lines that went viral on social media, and has since moved to New Zealand; and Shine Kuk, a South Korean-born TV personality who made a name for herself after winning in a Philippine noontime show, reporting directly from the land of K-Pop and K-Drama.

Since its launch last August 17, Chika, Besh! has already had popular stars and personalities such as Sofia Andres, Lani Misalucha, Maggie Wilson and Richard Yap guest on the show! All these elements will make for fun-filled and substantial mornings replete with informative commentaries, touching narratives, and genuine kwentuhan with famed celebrities and personalities.

Look forward to having better mornings with Chika, Besh! airing Mondays through Fridays every 10:00 AM on TV5. It also has same day airing on Colours at 11:00 AM; available on Cignal TV CH. 202 HD and CH. 60 SD.

Stay tuned for the coolest Chikas, mga Beshies.

Get to know more the breath of fresh air Ria who looks up to Mama Pokey, as well as Poleng for the things they can share with her about life and love. The latter being a no-no for the supportive Mom of Ria who is ever ready to give her two-cents’ worth of review every after episode.

The trio are grateful for this opportunity that came their way in the time of CoVid-19.



ANOTHER new show which befits its host, Jessy Mendiola is another show to boot. Because it offers something for each and every one’s health and wellness.

MANILA, 25 August 2020 – Now more than ever is the best time to make fitness a way of life. As health officials around the world tell us, being healthy is our best defense to weather the ongoing global health crisis. Thus, the timely launch of Fit for Life on TV5.

Fit for Life launched its pilot episode last August 16, 2020 as part of the opening salvo of TV5’s beefed up programming since it has entered into a partnership with Cignal TV, the country’s top pay TV provider. It highlights TV5 and Cignal TV’s commitment to giving its audience not only entertaining but also meaningful shows.
The fitness lifestyle program is hosted by actress Jessy Mendiola, whose own journey to a healthier lifestyle has turned her into a fitness enthusiast. Jessy will lead viewers to an hour packed with full-body exercises, easy-to-follow recipes, inspiring talks, and expert tips.

In the segment “Workout with Jessy,” the host will be joined by a special guest each episode in the demo of exercise routines. They will also encourage improvising gym props by using whatever useful objects viewers can find in their homes.

After every workout session, Jessy will sit down with another celebrity guest who will share his or her fitness journey. Andi Eigenmann was her first celebrity guest when the first episode premiered last August 16. She also had Chef Michelle Adrillana whipping up super healthy meals that also satisfy the taste buds and the grocery budget.

Fit for Life will also give a chance for viewers to air their concerns via the “Ask Jessy” segment, in which Jessy goes on a video call to answer questions and give advice with the help of a fitness or health expert. The viewers are also encouraged to share their weight-loss success stories and similar milestones in the segment “Achievement Unlocked”.

Join Jessy on the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle. As she will demonstrate the ways and means need not be strenuous and intimidating, but can actually be fun and fulfilling. What’s more, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.
Make Fit for Life a Sunday morning habit by tuning in every Sunday at 7:00 AM on TV5. It has a primetime replay on Colours every Monday at 7:00 PM, and is available on Cignal TV at CH 202 HD & 60 SD.

Jessy is thankful to her beau, Luis Manzano who inspired her to be the health buff that she is now.

Jessy let everyone on the mediacon on a plan she and Luis has. Very soon, their house by the beach.

Wedding bells are not too far to happen, too. They are just doing everything they have planned one at a time.

If she can suggest a fitness regimen for the three ladies of Chika, Besh, there would be yoga and exercises to build up their already toned muscles.

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