pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

WHEN the unseen enemy lurked in every nook and cranny of the world, people were not just devastated. Most didn’t know why to do as each was faced to take the challenge of living in the new normal.

In the world of entertainment, a lot of celebrities thought of new ways on how to earn, how to make a living, how to live and how to be creative.

Some cooked. Others painted. The rest baked. There were those who taught. Online sellers. Online teachers/tutors in their workshops. Online cooking. Everyone sharing!

One celebrity I admired used his hands to create beautiful things from other things. The singer and actor Raymond Lauchengco.

From his Facebook page, he shared this:


“Last week marked the completion of my twenty-fifth Ikigai piece and I still can’t believe that I made all of them myself.

“Looking back to March when it all started, Marge Enriquez was the first writer to take notice of the quarantine projects I was making during the lockdown and asked if she could interview me for Asian Dragon Magazine.

“When I said yes, she sent me six questions. One of them- “What is your creative process?” left me stumped.

“The reason why it baffled me was because I wasn’t sure that I even had one.

“So I told Marge the truth: Lockdown or not, I try to do at least one creative thing a day. It doesn’t have to be a major endeavor. It can be as simple as editing a photograph, or writing a story. The way I tend my garden or cook a meal. Small things, done as nicely as possible.


“Other writers soon followed suit after Marge, like Pilar Mateo who wrote about my Ikigai exhibit in her online column called, “The ‘P’ Talks!”, as well as Leah Salterio for ABS-CBN News, and Ryan Arcadio for Inquirer Mobile.

“Then there were feature stories from Net 25, CNN Philippines, GMA News, and Pinoy Pa Rin (from Montreal, Canada) as well as other online talk shows.

“But I still get asked where the ideas and the designs come from, so perhaps it’s time for the ‘Bagets’ with silver hair to offer some unsolicited advice in case it might be useful to those of you who enjoy working with your hands.

“Design is nothing more than an exercise in staring: If you look at something long enough, the ideas will come because your eyes will threaten your brain with an ultimatum to do so because they are so tired of staring.

“And while my creative process might be underwhelming, I do have a simple, but solid, design philosophy that I’d like to share based on what I learned from two very wise people.


“One of these persons I knew quite well- the legendary, fire-breathing dragon lady who founded Repertory Philippines, Bibot Amador.

“The other person, I don’t know from Adam, just by reputation. A Korean hairstylist whose name I unfortunately cannot remember, (and who didn’t talk very much.)

“Tita Bibot would tell us this, back in Repertory when we were trying to breathe life into the roles we were playing: “The first idea that comes into your head is not the best one, so throw it in the trash and think some more.”

“Then there is this nugget of wisdom from the quiet Korean hairstylist who had written a sign that he proudly displayed on the glass door of his salon: “No concept-No cut.”

“So there it is. My design philosophy in a nutshell: Don’t settle for the first idea because there may be better ones.

“And for the love of all things beautiful- don’t cut, or hammer, or drill, or glue, or anything, until the idea is crystal clear in your head.

“If you see it, it will become.”


And right you are! You are blessed to have this gift. You can share to everyone. Just keepnon creating. Looking forward to more exhibits. Online or otherwise.

Inspiring stories such as Raymond’s keep us believing in the power of the talents each of us has been given. Whoever you are.

Just think some more. And find your core!




Our good friend, actor, producer, business entrepreneur Joed Serrano opened another inspiring story in his life.

When he was enamored with an actor by the name of Kokoy de Santos.

Joed shared this in his post.


“Sorry if na erase ko mga previous posts ko bout kay Forever KOy ko & sorry din if this will be my last post about him.

“Para kung saan man humantong ito eh sakin nalang 🤗

“This is the 1st time sa buong buhay ko na gagawin ito. Im just a FAN & just want to share this feeling na sobrang sarap. Sa mga fans, chill lang kyo! Pareho din nyo ako Faney din.


“Kung may ilusyon kyo na magkatuluyan cna elikoy or cai at gav eh ilusyon ko lang din ito.#ilusyonadoako.

“Wag mainggit o magalit. Gumaya nalang kung gusto😜.

“This is me, part of my kalokohan & being playful. Telling every1 na wala sa age, gender or status ng buhay pag maiinlove ka.

“Everyone is entitled to express their feelings. Kung maging friends kami eh di good kung more than that eh di wow omg ready nko mamatay😂😂😂 but seriously Friends basta FOREVER solve nako dun.

“Special thanks to Jessa & Dingdong for making this super grabeng ganda na song rendered by jayda & darren. Sarap mainlove after listening to this song. I hope I could use this for a movie na iproproduce ko.

“To all my showbiz & business partners. Pls let me be happy for a second🤗 This makes me well. I get to drink my medicines on time, I dont eat much na, I want to be fit stay healthy & young. Im excited to do more, soar higher coz im inspired!

“To my twinny ( grace ibuna) kung ayaw mo pang magpa rape eh ako gustong gusto ko na😜😜😜.

“To my partner sis cel (ovation prods) c’mon lets do & finish our october & go shopping by nov😂😂😂 ( new york ba ulit or sa texas) so that I could buy more buildings like my Ninong who owns Blackwater ( partner Boss Deo) my Ever Wisdom teacher. Oh BTW koy uses blackwater products so bka pwede natin cyang kunin as endorser kahit ako na magpay ng tf nya😜😜😜. & then let him be part of the HELLO GLOW avengers🥰.


“To my buddy mon hinay hinay lang sa excitement bro😂. To my dud thank u for the 8 lovely years we shared. I will always love u with baby NJ & ur future wife abby.

“To Boss Perci & Direk Jun . . . Producer to Producer Congratulations coz u have a Goldmine! He’s a great para mapainlove ako😂😂😂 . Thank u for believing in him. He will make it in this business. Right projects, right exposure he can be the next superstar👍.(discount sa tf nya pag ako magproduce ha kami ng frendship kong si RS ( frontrow).

“To all the reporters. Please Hindi porke humahanga eh may pagnanasa na. Di porke may pera may Indecent proposal na. He’s a good boy so be xtra nice to him di ba roldan, fernan, rk, melba, mother jobert 🥰🙏. ( ipaglaban nyo nga😂).

“To my thats family😂 bebs (my bff harlene b.) Hayaan nyo nako sa kahibangan kong ito wag lang sana mag react c kuya germs jusko😂😂😂. To the gf of koy ( kung meron) nku wag mong iwan yan kasi di mo na mababawi pag na angkin ko na yan 😂😂😂. Pero bka pwede makihati? Akin itaas syo ibaba😂😂😂😂😂. Mon to sat syo akin saundays ( magsisimba kasi kami) 🙏🥰🥰🥰.

“Nway this is it! I will erase this also. So again pls u may comment & say something if u like. Wag nman nega pls🙏 coz sharing my experience about getting excited, feeling inlove, & having the kind of drive to wake up & be more of a blessing to so many is what I want u to feel. Masarap mainlove kahit anung edad ka pa! To all my staff 🥰 rejoice coz inlababo ulit boss nyo😜😜😜 Enjoy this while supply last 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Ain’t that grand? Expressing your feelings to the one you love.

Friends wishes Joed the best. That this is not just a passing fancy thing.

But if it is, enjoy while it lasts! (30)

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