Are you Game for an Extraordinary BL?

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

“MY EXTRAORDINARY” is the first BL (Boys Love) series on Philippine TV, starring Darwin Yu (Shake) and Enzo Santiago (Ken).

This 8-episode series is directed by Jolo Atienza, written by Vincent de Jesus and produced by Asterisk Digital Entertainment.

It will premiere this August on the all-new TV5 (free TV), Colours (cable), Asterisk Digital Entertainment channel (YouTube) and an international streaming app.

Ken is a popular and good-natured university sophomore who meets Shake, a shy freshman and university freshman, through a basketball game brawl.

After settling their misunderstandings, the 2 young men are immediately drawn to each other.


Although Ken and Shake’s close friends support their blossoming intimate relationship, Sandee (played by Karissa Toliongco), Ken’s childhood friendbecomes envious and tells his conservative widowed mother – pre-empting their romantic love affair.

Relationships are strained and tension mounts at home, Shake and Ken eventually find themselves parting ways. In an unfamiliar twist the remorseful Sandee becomes a bridge and helps reunite Shake and Ken.

“My Extraordinary” is a tender story about about innocence, friendship, the beauty of awakening desire, acceptance and how time heals all wounds.

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THIS was shared by Emmeline Aglipay Villar, the wife of DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) Secretary Mark Villar.

“I am having a #lupus flare now. It isn’t obvious because there are minimal observable manifestations and based on my activities it doesn’t seem like I am sick. I don’t let it affect me, the things I want to do and my happiness.


“The flare was triggered by an episode of stomach flu that I had two months ago. It took Mark a day to recover from the stomach flu without any medication. It took me a week in bed as well as intravenous fluids, intravenous medication and antibiotics and up to now I am still experiencing the consequences. It has caused my immune system to attack my own body—my hair, skin, joints, and blood. Thank God my kidneys were spared because I was able to get timely medical attention.

“The doctors increased the dosage of my immunosuppressant medicine to clam down my immune system and provide some relief.

“Unfortunately, Mark turned out positive for COVID. 😞 This means my immune system can’t be so low. I have to have something to defend myself so I won’t get infected. Thank God I did not get infected and I pray to God to continue to provide protection to all of us.

“It’s a hard balancing act. The treatment for lupus is to suppress the immune system, but then I have to strengthen the immune system to defend myself against COVID.


“I am showing this to all of you so that those going through the same challenges would know they are not alone. I am still able to live a happy and full life and so can you! Just focus on the many positive things in life. Do things that make you happy. Spend time with people you love. Share your blessings. Share your time and talents. Make others happy. 😊

“I am making the most out of this quarantine time and out of this life that the Lord has blessed me with. I have been cooking, working from home, baking, dancing, praying, drawing, working out, practicing yoga, sleeping, spending a lot of quality time with Emma and Mark. And I am truly happy. 😊The physical things I am feeling and going through don’t get me down because my heart that is filled with love, peace and gratitude always lifts me higher and higher. 🙏🏻


“May you feel the light in me and the love I offer to you.”

As the Secretary said,

“The strength and courage of my wife, Em, always inspires me. ❤️”

And may we all share in prayers for their healing. (30)

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