Dear Mr. President…

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo


FROM ORMOC’S Richard “Goma” Gomez:

“Mr. President,

“This is the situation right now at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum for the Hatid Tulong program. Just in case no one is showing the real pictures (the other one with Inquirer was from yesterday’s news).

“Who is your person in charge of this program? I am sorry but in my opinion, that person doesn’t know what he is doing in organizing something as big as this.
He cannot tell the people to be in an orderly manner. No social distancing for more than 2 days!

“How many of them will be infected with Covid as they head home to their provinces this week because of this arrangement!?

“Whoever that person heading this program should be fired for insensitivity and no regard for public health!”



FROM THE DESK OF MS. VIVIAN VELEZ of the Film academy of the Philippines.

“Dear Mayor President Duterte:

“In almost four years in office, you have completed substantial accomplishments with the help of various stakeholders and partners despite the black propaganda spearheaded by opposing interest groups that have maligned the Country’s reputation without factual basis both in local and international platforms. However, there is still much to be done with less time ahead left.


“Fire the few, who are not performing under your wing, ‘tama na ang utang na loob’. They had four years to prove themselves that they deserve the position given them. I wish you destroy our failed system that creates gangs of oligarchs and corrupt politicians. The true oppressors of the Filipino masses. We must change the rotten system, or we change nothing.

“It is unconscionable that we, our children and grandchildren should have to endure the terrifying impact of the Covid 19 unprecedented disaster, and if we just continue with our current system, the future of the Filipino People is bleak. We need a more sustainable, more responsive, more efficient government. Regrettably, in our current set-up, we can only do much and yet be lacking.

“We strongly recognize that it is the responsibility of your presidency to protect its citizens from harm and secure the future for generations to come, it is its most essential duty of your stewardship.


“Look at the forest and not the trees. Do what is good for the Filipinos!

“We stand behind you Mr. President and like you, we will stand and fight for the Republic of the Philippines and its future generations.

“Good luck on your SONA tomorrow and hoping for good surprises. #WeRiseAsOne
#DuterteSONA2020 🇵🇭👊”

By: DG Vivian Velez


SONA! AY!! IKAW NA NGA!!! (30)

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