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pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

TOMORROW, JULY 18, 2020 “Magpakailanman” shares its fresh start with an episode that will tackle the life story of dancer and choreographer, who went viral on social media platforms, DJ Loonyo.

DJ Loonyo got his grooves and moves from the training he got from the different dance champions of the country. Where eventually, he came up with his Rock*Well group and started their own tutorials which they post in Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


Done with the replays. It will be a fresh episode starting tomorrow night.

Talked to Direk Zig Dulay who, like one of his actors in the episode that will feature Jak Roberto as DJ Loonyo, Jong Cuenco has been a “suki” of the program hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco.

“It was hard. Awww. Actually hindi ko na-meet at all si DJ Loonyo. Hehe! Our Researcher/Writer ang kumausap sa kaniya. And got all the facts I needed for the story we will present.

“Yes, suki na si Sir Jong. 2x ko na siya naka-work. Medyo nakasanayan ko na rin kasi siya 🙂 kaya alam ko na ang manner ng pakikipag-trabaho sa kanya. He portrays the role of Budo, na tatay ni DJ Loonyo.

“Mas gusto ko ‘yung kuwento nilang mag-ina – na ilang ulit ka mang madapa, hindi ka pababayaan ng nanay mo. Andyan pa rin siya lagi para sa’yo. So, there were conflicts na dinaanan and where he learned his lessonsnin life.

At kung magkamali ka man, gagabayan ka ng nanay mo. At tatanggapin ka pa rin niya nang buo.”

In the time of COVID-19.

“The last I did was Project Destination, a mini-series ng NCCA.🙂


“This is the New Normal na nga. Got a lot of Zoom talks about filmmaking. Natutuwa ako na nakakapag-share pa rin sa iba ng learnings at experiences ko. At maliban doon, nakakapagbasa ng libro, sulat ng kahit na ano at nakakanood… 🙂

Direk Zig is an award-winning director who hails from Isabela. His notable films include, “Huling Halik” (The Last Kiss), his very first full length film, “Paglipay” (Crossing), “Bagahe”, and “Bambanti” to name some. Most of which have received awards and accolades in international film festivals.



THERE is always something good to read 8n the posts of Maxene Magalona, who seems to really enjoying the life, she and hubby Rob Mananquil have embraces in Ubud, Indonesia.

She continues to share her story.

(After more than a year of monthly therapy sessions, what the 33-year-old once thought of as a phase ended up being a mental health condition called Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or C-PTSD.)

“I was actually very glad to finally find out what my condition was because after that, I was able to study and do some research as to how I could help myself heal.”

What kept her understand more her condition was to research on it, read articles about it and self-help books.

“I didn’t stop searching for answers. I began looking deep within myself and became curious about what was going on inside of me.

“Our physical bodies are a reflection of our mental health and spiritual energy —everything is connected. We cannot just focus on exer­cising and eating healthy without caring for our mental and spiritual well-being.


“Daily yoga and meditation help me detoxify my body and clear my mind of useless mental chatter. This regular practice is also very good for trauma survivors like me because it helps us feel safe and secure in our own bodies,” she related.

“Opened up my heart about my mental health condition in an interview with Nika Roque @nnnroque for the @manila.times in the hope of helping those who may be going through the same experience as I am, especially during this pandemic. You are not alone. We are all in this together 🤍 📸 @wariananda

And definitely is helping a lot of people in the same condition as hers.

Maxene has always been an inspiration, especially to women who look up to her,not just as the King of Rap’s daughter, but a person who is selfless and compassionate and most of all, empowered!

Thank you, Maxene! (30)

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