Contemplating… Pleading…

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo


BECAUSE she and sons, Joshua and Bimby, had the taste of the island life, part of Multimedia Queen Kris Aquino’s plans now is to have a life far from the madding crowd.

As she share in her post, “Whenever his Lola Cory would go to the Aquino Center in Tarlac, kasama si josh… i perfectly understand why this is his happiest place because napaka SPECIAL ng bond nila ng lola nya… gusto talaga ni kuya josh ang buhay probinsya.


“Pinayagan ko sya to be in #Tarlac now kasi ang deal namin he has to lose his tummy na bumalik dahil sa lockdown so everyday jogging sya. kami ni Bimb nasa Pradera Verde in Pampanga with my friends, the Pineda family.

“I never imagined that i would reach a point in my life when my heart would feel peaceful and my health would benefit so much away from the city.

“But my work is in NCR, so the ideal is living somewhere reachable less than 90 minutes from the NLEX Balintawak entrance.


“The least likely person who would be advocating #balikprobinsya (in my case mas accurate ang #lipatsaprobinsya) because she’s always loved the vibrant energy of big cities, is seriously contemplating it now.

“I’ll do anything & everything for the happiness and wellbeing of my sons, and that starts with prioritizing my wellness.#parasakinabukasan🇵🇭”



IT isn’t everyday that we hear the MAD Man, Martin Nievera voice his opinions about certain issues.

His plea, “As we reach the end of this very painful hearing let me just share with you how affected I am. I am not a lawyer nor do I consider myself a smart man. But I am a kapamilya. A proud kapamilya. I just don’t understand how anyone could want abs cbn out of the picture completely and not give us a chance to correct our mistakes, right all our wrongs and continue to serve the Filipino people all over the world.

“Why would anyone want to stop us from doing what god intended us to do and that is to inform, inspire and entertain. We could help all those who unite this country by having us up and running. Who would want to stop us from doing good? Who would stop us from wanting to be better?

“If given a new franchise I believe we could prove ourselves worthy and we could show those who believe in us that we can be better and not repeat whatever mistakes we have made in the past. Who would want us to NOT have that chance to self improve and just cut us off? Why would anyone want that? Again, I am not a smart man and I may not know all the facts, but I do know that the Philippines will be incomplete without abs cbn and anyone who just wants to pull the plug for whatever reasons is not thinking of the greater good. Why would you not want to complete our city of networks by giving abs cbn a new franchise?


“It’s like you took a beautiful picture of our country and deleted one of its well known beautiful historical sights. Please help us pray to keep abs cbn so we can prove ourselves worthy of this second chance. Please pray those who hold the key to our destiny will think of the greater good and make their decision without anger or spite. Let us continue to serve the Filipino people all over the world. We can do better. We can be better. We just need a chance to prove that we can. #kapamilyaforever.”

And he wrote a letter. As a concerned Kapamilya.

“Just wanted to share a letter I wrote and sent to all the congressmen and congress women . To all the lawmakers in the hearing I took a chance and humbly wrote this-

“Concerned kapamilya”

“To all our dear congressmen and congress women , your honors ,

“Please forgive my poor attempt to write you all. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so please bare with me.

“I am a concerned artist and have been with abs cbn for more than half my life. I am not writing you today to save my job or even to save the jobs of the thousands of others. I am writing you today because I believe you will read it and hopefully understand where I am coming from as a proud artist on abs cbn.

“I am simply here to speak my heart. The Filipino people of this great nation as well as those who have migrated all over the world, I feel, need to have us continue doing what we do best. They need to be informed, inspired and entertained. I know there is maybe one other channel who can supply them with all this, but I strongly believe that abs cbn through the years have developed their own viewership of Filipinos who depend only on them to give them all of the above.

“My heart breaks just to think that all of you would want us off the air completely. I am aware that we may have made some mistakes through the years and I understand that you are all doing your job, but please give us a chance to improve ourselves. Please please let us try and prove ourselves worthy of a second chance to right all our wrongs and continue to be in service of the Filipinos all over the world.

“I know you must be so tired of hearing that line, but it’s so true. I trust all of you who work tirelessly to make the laws that keep this country together and I thank you all for your service, but please let me; let us help you unite this country further by doing our jobs as kapamilya.


“I can’t believe for one second that any of you would want abs cbn off the air just to be off the air. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I am sure if given a chance abs cbn can correct their mistakes and I would think you would want them to do so, so we all can move forward. I can not imagine the Philippines without abs cbn. I can’t believe that you could. I believe if we had another chance and you grant us this new franchise that we could help unite our people with our songs, laughter, news and fundraisers when help is needed. We can also help all of you by having your voices heard for whatever whenever.

“I would like to think that we all could work together for the better good. Just give us a chance to prove ourselves.

“Lets find solutions. Let’s find answers. Let’s find a way to make this work. I can not imagine for one second that you would not want to fix anything and just keep us off the air. That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. If there is a problem or a fault on our part why can’t we just find solutions and move on?

“With every ounce of humility that I can muster I beg of you, please give us a chance to be better, to correct our mistakes . Let us work together in harmony from this day forward. Help us help you make this a better Philippines by keeping us on the air. I know the decision lies in your hands, so with every prayer I can remember I pray you all make the right decision where it’s a win win for all concerned.

“Respectfully yours,
Martin Nievera”

And may this plea never fall on deaf ears… (30)

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