“Backyard Hiring” from Congressman Alfred Vargas

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

REPRESENTATIVE Alfred Vargas (5th District, Quezon City) called on business operators to, as far as practicable, hire people within their business’ immediate vicinity. He labels this “backyard” hiring policy.

A very informal survey done by Kapitan Rey Aldrin Tolentino in Brgy. Gulod, Novaliches showed that that out of 4,025 respondents, 80 percent responded ‘Opo’ to the question, “Nawalan ka na ba ng trabaho dahil sa COVID pandemic?”


Some 18 percent said “Nabawasan ang pasok ko”. A measly two percent answered “Hindi po”.

“Kapitan Tolentino further said majority of those who lost their jobs did so because they have no means to get to their place of work. Malaki talaga ang problema sa transportasyon. The number of buses deployed is simply not enough,” Vargas lamented.

The solon asked if the Department of Trade and Industry can somehow intervene and urge businesses that have several branches spread out all over the metropolis to share information amongst themselves and swap employees should particular employees reside near their branch, hopefully within walking or biking distance. The same can be explored for factories that have started operating again.


“The key phrase here is ‘as far as practicable’ as definitely, the skill set needed in one enterprise might not necessarily match the skill set of the “neighbor-worker”. But information must be put out there so that businesses and workers can help each other out,” he ended.

The indefatigable Representative continues to serve his constituents in the 5th District, alongside with his brother, Councilor PM Vargas.

This has been the life that they have embraced for the longest time. Wanting to help all days of their lives , especially in this time of pandemic.



AND HOW does Ice Seguerra express his love to FDCP Chairman Liza Diño Seguerra?Most specially on the day she was born.

Here is Ice’s version of “How Do I Love Thee” for the Muse of his life.

“My Love,

“You already know how much I adore every single thing about you. You’re a multi-faceted woman and I just dont know how you can excel sa lahat nang yun. Parang ang laki-laki ng puso mo at grabe yung kakayahan ng utak mo, at energy mo dahil you make things look so easy even if you’re juggling a million tasks everyday. From chairperson, to advocate, homemaker, artist, mother, and wife. I don’t know how you do it with so much ease and grace.

“In the span of our marriage, I’ve fallen in love with you so many times. Parang ilang babae na yung nakasama ko dahil paibaiba ka eh. Pa baby in one minute tapos biglang tatalon sa CEO. Whew! Hanep sa quick change. But I love all of you. I fell for who you were when we got together again and I still fall in love with you every single day.

“I will always thank God for giving you to me, Amara, and to everyone else whose lives you’ve touched. I am blessed to experience the beauty that is forever unraveling in front of me. You make me want to be better always, because you deserve nothing less.

“You bless me with your love every single day. I will always be grateful.

“Happy birthday, my Liza. I am proudest because I can call you mine.

“I love you.”

Such sweet inspiration! (30)

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