Yoga and the New Norm

pilar mateo sni  THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

ROBBY MANANQUIL is the better half of the King of Rap Francis Magalona’s daughter, Maxene.

Rob and Max are in Bali, Indonesia. Caught by the lockdown, they continued to live a healthy life with their lessons in yoga which they share to their supporters in social media.

As the day goes on, the couple continues to show and share the love they share for each other.

It’s Robby’s moment to say something to his wifey.

“Ever since the day I proposed to my wife, there was a sudden shift from the people around us.

“Sadly, it revealed to us there were people not for our marriage. The air was dense with jealousy, greed, anger & madness.

“I had to face a vicious test: Where I stood against their negative energy, material desires, anger, stories/fantasies & emotional hunger.


“They took forms to distract me. But I didn’t waver & stayed strong. I took a firm oath to discover the ultimate truth of life even if I had to struggle for my existence with them.

“Through God’s grace, Yoga has been a part of my life for 14 years & since I was about to spend a lifetime with my wife, one month before our wedding I invited her to join me do yoga, meditation/prayers & to devote each practice to God.

“Thankfully, she happily joined. We did it everyday & it became our refuge, our home & we felt love, support within our surroundings; & happiness within ourselves. As the turmoils of the dark shadows continued to surround & envelope us, we simply chose to pray & devote each practice to God; we surrendered & lifted everything to HIM.

“We kept our faith in HIM, & we kept staying in the light. Eventually, because of that experience; I discovered the ultimate truth of life.

“To share a memorable quote by my guru @govinda_dev_das, he said that “TRUTH will always WIN”.

“It made so much sense because I truly believe God is the ultimate TRUTH. And in the end, it’s God’s WILL will BE done. No matter what you are going through or where you are in life, always remember you are never alone & God’s divine experience is the same consciousness that pulsates through us which is found in the sun, the moon, the stars & the galaxies around us.

“Each of us can attain enlightenment with HIM, if we try to find it within ourseves. There are many ways to get to HIM, I chose this & I am eternally blessed to my wife, for walking side by side with me in this path.✨🙏🏻♥️”

Yoga mat by @liforme
Joggers from @benchtm
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And his wife’s answer:

“Men who are doing inner healing work is the new sexy.” 😍

“So proud of my husband @robmananquil who has been devoting his time and efforts everyday to really look within and focus on inner work during this pandemic.

“Our marriage is far from perfect but these last 4 months have really shown me how blessed I am to be with someone who truly understands the importance of healing. Not only has he inspired me to take care of my physical body through fitness and healthy vegan food, he also encourages me to embrace my true potential by seeking therapy for my mental health and practicing yoga and meditation for my spiritual growth.

“He was also the one who brought me closer to God as he would often bring me to church on Sundays and always prayed for me especially during times when I felt all alone. I always thought of myself as strong and independent and was too proud to admit that I needed help but I guess God saw just how lost I was and wanted me to find way my home the day He brought Rob into my life. I’m so grateful for you, my dear husband. With you, I am home. ✨🤍✨ ”

#husbandappreciationpost 📸 @wariananda

I have tried Yoga, Bikram at that a very long time ago. And it was the reason why, in May 17, 2012 I totally forego of my addiction to smoking.

I didn’t realize the other deeper meaning of it. And seeing it being shared by tob and Maxene in their teachings online, there are several things that doing it can help us realize of what is there to life and living.

Especially in this time of Pandemic.

Let’s do this!


WE often hear the words “NEW NORMAL” now.

Especially when it comes to the things that we should never be without.

The face masks and the face shields to protect us from that virus which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

And we’ve seen the PPEs, the protective gears which our Frontliners don when they go out to help the affected patients.

These things should be worn whenever you have to go out of your house.

People have been creative as well in wearing them. Some have even tried designing their own. And matched it with fashionable wear.

Parading in front of us, all we can do is wish that these protective masks and shields be more than decorations for the faces. I admit, I love looking at them. Was there someone who wore it best? (30)

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