Their Impact in Music and Food!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALK!
BY: Pilar Mateo

GOOD news from Manila and Hollywood Vlogger MJ Racadio.

Doing great with their singing in the Philippines after making that great impact in the UK, now Hollywood beckons, as Vlogger MJ had the chance to do an interview with our very own 4th Impact who will celebrate their 5th year in the world of Music.

Shared by MJ, from Mark Daniels’ piece, “The debut video of 4th Impact on X-Factor UK has just also reached an unbelievable 162 Million views making it the most viewed video of all time for X-Factor UK.

“With the passionate support of their fans which are lovingly referred to as Dreamers supporting and promoting 4th Impact every step of the way, the question comes up, who are the Dreamers and what has inspired so many people from around the world to come together as one worldwide family to support, promote, love and care for these girls?

“Many dreamers have been sending me emails and messages for weeks sharing their thoughts and feelings about 4th Impact and what the girls mean to them.

“What originally started out as a story about 4th Impact has now become a love letter from Dreamers worldwide to the girls of 4th Impact.
After reading their words, you will see the reason why so many Dreamers from around the world support 4th Impact. And when you read these testimonials you will learn so much more about who the girls of 4th Impact really are.

“Hyun Jae- “My name is Jobs. There was a time I wanted to give up, feeling sad, broken, and tired of everything, but because of 4th Impact I didn’t give up. They always tell us Dreamers never give up in any situation because there is a God who loves us so much and these struggles are a part of our life that will make us strong. We just need to trust God. I always remember that Celina says ‘Never stop dreaming. Eventually dreams do come true. Believe, achieve.’”

And the list goes on as more are sharing their experiences with being part of the Girls’ journey in their achievements. Testimonials that really have impacted each and every one’s life kept in all of their hearts.

To K(no)w More about 4th Impact, just listen to their music, subscribe to their social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, and KUMU.
You can also become a V.I.P. Dreamer by joining 4th Impact’s Patreon account.


MJ who is also part of Eagle Broadcasting Network’s Family continues to share the life and times of the 4th Impact as well as other Hollywood celebs in his show.

“I really believed with the talents of 4th Impact, I wanna bring them here in the U.S. and introduce them to Klubjumpers, Grammy-nominated producers composed of brothers, Dan Mathews and Sam Michaels. They inspired so many people especially theirs fans called Dreamers and I am one of them.”

A collaboration is in the pipeline now.

Follow MJ in his Blogtalk with MJ Racadio.

He also extends his congratulations to EBC Films, “Congrats! #EBCFilms’ another milestones for Filipino Film #GuerreroDos: Tuloy Ang Laban (The Fight Continues) directed by Carlo Ortega Cuevas from the Philippines officially screened by (HFPA) #Hollywood Foreign Press Association and lasted for two weeks. Praying that it will be nominated this December 2020.”

MJ sure is one busy fellow with all his conversations with people from both sides of the globe!



IT was not too long ago when I together with some press friends got the chance to meet the owner of Rbiel’s Bistro located at 18 B Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. They hit it right on time with nightly entertainment to boost on that side of town.

Owner and businessman Dom Villaruel’s goal was to help people have work even if he and his family are already staying at the other end of the globe, in the US of A.

Now that this pandemic has happened and the restaurant had to close for a while, he and his staff are happy to announce that they are back!

“Health is Wealth but Food is Life.

“Rbiel’s Bistro offers to-go and delivery of your favorite food which started last June 4, 2020. To place your orders call 7255-7370/0908-7528559/0966-4637991.

“Do not worry because we value your safety. We practice proper sanitation and proper hygiene at the Bistro, especially when it comes to food preparation.

“Remember, to place your orders please call 7255-7370/­09664637991/­09087528559.🙂”



We had a taste of the food they serve in Rbiel’s Bistro. In a different style. In different ways to soothe one’s palate.

“Me and my family are concerned of course, with our staff. Thanks to our able manager, everything is being taken care of. Now, they have come up with ways to make people appreciate more the food with not just the take out but dining as well. Lahat ng kailangang gawin ah sinusunod para sa kapakanan ng lahat.”

And to make their customers super duper happy, Dom and his staff are in the works of putting up a website where the convenience of the customers are thought of. Where the orders can be placed there already. Let’s wait for the new things and surprises that Rbiel’s Bistro continues to offer. (30)

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