KAT ALANO, does her name ring a bell?

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

She is a showbiz denizen, yes. She has done several projects. As an actress, model, even VJ.

Recently, she opened her mind, not just her mouth to give her opinions to the issues that circulated connected to women getting raped and abused just because of the clothes they wear.

Which led to Kat’s revelations of an incident, which can be considered her worst nightmare, when allegedly, she was abused.


Not naming the culprit, she just gave a clue where the netizens had a ball guessing.

2005. Wearing a decent attire. And she was drugged. Much as she wanted to cry not just for help but justice, her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Why talking about it now?

This may be the right time for Kat to continue standing on her ground. From the claws of vultures who appear in sheep’s clothing, as they say.

All she did was voice her opinion.

But many people remembered. That she was that victim.

And Kat won’t forget what happened.

Will she get anything with referring to that name that #rhymeswithwrong?

Maybe, no more. The judges have spoken. The verdict delivered.

But someone like Kat’s mind and heart won’t stop talking about the truth.


The two sides may have flipped according to what she expected to be. But at the end of it all, there is and will, always be the truth. That will continue to prevail. No matter how hard the times will try to hide it.

People who read and see Kat’s posts i in her social media accounts sound very positive in uplifting her to continue in speaking out her mind. In support of many other helpless women who are the targets of people with bad intentions in their evil minds.

She has spoken. Looks like, she won’t stop!

Her name is Kat Alano. Babae!


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