Will There be a War of the Roses?

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

VIVIAN Velez answered the comments hurled at her by veteran actress Jaclyn Jose regarding the incident about Pinky Amador’s wrath on some hotel personnel.

“In the past days I have been burdened with a predicament of “damn if you do, damn if you don’t” decision and it’s been quite a load to carry especially in this time of pandemic and political unrest, which to everyone’s knowledge, I magnanimously participate and give my personal opinions on.


“Last June 5, Ms. Pinky Amador got herself in an unfortunate position giving her piece of mind to an employee/staff of the admin of a condo-tel where she resides due to a major miscommunication.

“Myself, being very opinionated and a concern individual to the welfare of my colleague in the industry, I took Ms. Amadors’s side understanding where her rage was coming from, I posted my opinion on the matter on my personal Facebook account.

“Jaclyn Jose, also an esteemed colleague and a personal friend placed her comment on my post regarding my opinion on the matter. My post was open to the public and I welcome discussions and sometimes debate because as mature individuals, that is how matters are handled. Fair discussions.

“This is not the case on Jaclyn Jose’s comment on the matter. Coming from nowhere, she decided to hurl defamatory words at me calling me names like “racist”, not knowing where it’s stemming from and “a piece of shit” which, I and a lot of people know, am not. Her action and reaction on the matter gravely offended me.

“Yesterday, Jacklyn Jose posted on her Instagram account a half-hearted apology addressed to me, which earned positive reactions from her followers. I can’t blame them, they don’t know her like I do. Yes, my relationship with her and her family goes a long way back. We have a history.

“I thought about this response a lot. I gave it time more than I should, actually, considering how busy I am. I put a lot of considerations into this because people might take it the wrong way and I may appear to be the antagonist more than the victim of the circumstance, given that I was the one who was on the receiving end of Jacklyn Jose’s impropriety.

“But my image is the least of my concern and I really care less what people might think of this statement. This is a painful experience. A close friend and almost a family put me down in public, hurled insults and expect me to just say nothing. With toxic friend like this, who needs enemies? This is my reaction to her actions.

“Jane, I do not accept your apology because you deliberately made sure that I will get hurt by your accusations and false witness about my person.

“A piece of advice, unsolicited as it may seem, please do not get intoxicated and form an opinion on matters. Because being under the influence of a substance is the oldest and lamest excuse one can give and expect considerations from the people they offend. People have been affected by your inexcusable display of madness every time you get to drink more than you should.

“Next time you want to have a discussion, develop maturity first before you try to initiate an exchange.

“I wish you well.”

Though Jaclyn sent her apologies to Ms. VV, it looks like it ain’t enough.

May they be able to settle this dispute between them.

Let peace, still reign.



ON THE GOOD SIDE of things, I’d like to commend singer-actor-businessman and now full time artist for the works he does while on lockdown.

Very soon, an art exhibit will be mounted. And while still planning it, his works are already being sold!

“I was thrilled when Asia’s Diva, Dulce Maria Teresa Magdalena, yes, ‘the’ Dulce sent me a message the other day to ask if she could still buy a piece from my Ikigai exhibit and fundraiser.

“When I told her there was nothing more to sell, her reply to me was, “That’s awesome. I pray that God continues to bless the work of your hands. I think the cause you are raising funds for is beautiful. If I cannot buy a piece, can I make a donation?”


“So just like Angela and Luis Lauchengco, Jing Vida-Elizan, and So True Naturals, Dulce gave something from her heart.

“As soon as I turned over the funds that she wanted to share with our displaced colleagues to the coalition for live events, I was immediately sent a reply saying thank you and that the transfer had been made. I was also shown the photographs of thirty-two people that our fundraiser was able to help last week, and one more of another person who would receive Dulce’s donation because his wife had just been rushed to the hospital.

“I saw a four-page list of 198 names names of production workers who had received help from the coalition about a month ago, but it’s entirely different when you see their faces.

“Looking at those thirty-three faces hit me like a brick. I still can not believe that some of the most hardworking, dedicated, and nicest people I know (and have been working with for the last sixteen years as a director of live events) are out of jobs. I know there are moves to get government support, which is good, but why wait for that? Aren’t we all in this together?

“So this is how I think I can help. I will keep on making quarantine projects. But this time they won’t be projects to while away the free time that I have and later decide to sell.
This time, from the very start, I will make them so that I can continue to contribute a portion to help others.

“I’ll work as fast as my carpal tunnel syndrome allows. And as soon as I have pieces ready, I’ll post them on Facebook and Instagram, and all the specifics will appear on my website, www.raymondlauchengco.com.

“One person can’t help everybody who needs it, but if we do it together, who knows?
By God’s grace we just might be able to help another thirty-three.”

This is God’s work. One of his mysterious ways. And Raymond is the instrument!

Be inspired! (30)

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