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pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

HAVING BEEN locked down in an island, Multi-Media Queen Kris Aquino made a life for her two boys, Josh and Bimby.

“Everyday in Puerto Galera, between 7:30-8 AM, kuya josh would insist that we all had to view the “Lupang Hinirang” music video, stand w/ our right hand above our hearts, sabayan ang pagkanta ng national Anthem and face the open sea…

“i decided to make kuya’s lunch (na kami kami lang naman sa house) themed around the colors of our flag. ❤️🤍💙💛


“🇵🇭 P.S. i included the pics where kuya covered my face & the balloons covered him- mahirap talagang picture-an kapag ang panganay ay lagpas 6’2 at yung mama 5’3 lang. 😘🥰😍
“i didn’t bother to try to clean up this picture (taken before we went to sleep)- it’s kuya’s day & since cute his dimple, let’s just ignore all my rashes. Happy 25th birthday to my forever roommate, kuya josh! ❤️🤍💙💛🇵🇭 (pag less stressed, I’ll show you our new minimalist, all white bedroom, and my pink breakfast nook in my glass enclosed balcony.) #home

“by tomorrow, his birthday, he’ll get his haircut & he’ll be shaved- but i wanted all of you to see kuya josh’s natural curls (a part of me wants to make him grow his hair some more but he’s already complaining about the heat)… my panganay will turn 25 in a few hours- a full year older than i was when i gave birth to him. in many ways, we’ve grown up together & his innate kindheartedness, generosity, and his ability to only see the good in all situations inspire me to be the best mama i can possibly be… whenever you comment that you feel i’m a good parent, the truth is how could i possibly be anything less when i have been blessed with such loving sons? Happy Birthday kuya josh… thank you for filling my existence with LOVE.”

And finally!

“We got all our clearances & permits, now we’re ready for the 1st part of our journey HOME! Just in time for kuya’s birthday tomorrow. (a special thank you to WBR for letting @checkticsay & randy, aka “hello kitty” stay to help us.) it’s been almost 3 months but everyone at Sunset & the Puerto Galera LGU really made us feel welcome. (Thank you to Doc Oca for helping mend my left hand & Doc delos Reyes for regularly checking kuya josh, bimb, and me.)”
Kris shares in her social media accounts the many things she has learned in the time of CoVid-19. The best of which was being with her boys, having to be beside them when she got sick, and seeing the world together-no matter what life and circumstances present you with.


WHAT DO YOU say to your son’s request?

Hon. Angelica Jones shared this in her socmed account.

“Magandang Umaga po … My Son Angelo request last night … Idrawing ko raw si Jesus bago sya matulog.
I told him matagal na huling sketch ko edad na 24 yrs. Old. Long time ago.
Dahil request nya si Jesus.. I can’t say no ..

“Sinabi ko susubukan ko…
Eto po kinalabasan ng aking sketch gamit ang isang Pencil nagmula sa aking Puso❤🙏”


A good discovery. That after all these years, she still has got that talent to draw.

And what a gift to give in to her son’s request. The face of Jesus!

Blessed be!



TIKTOK-ING, singing along with cousins Geneva Cruz and Donna Cruz as they prepare for a project, or just being in the comforts of their home, Sunshine Cruz is first and foremost Mom.

She considers her three girls as her blessings!

She never runs out of tha king the girls for being in her life.

“Thank you for appreciating and loving me mga anak. You are my blessings!

“I tell them to always appreciate even the smallest blessings being given to us. I remind them fighting for what is right is not “kaartehan o ka-OA-an”. I will always be proud of them.

“They are my strength, my inspirations to always better myself and I am forever grateful for them.
I love you Angelina, Sam and Chesca.”

FATHER’s Day is fast approaching.

But these three special women and celebrities have lived their lives apart from the father of their kids.

And they have done being a Mom with flying colors.

On Father’s Day, a toast to the Moms who have been both a Mom and Dad to their children! (30)


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