pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

BECAUSE OF HIS swag and groove doing his TikTok moves, a DJ Loonyo surfaced in the face of CoVid-19.

He won the hearts of a lot of people. Not just because of the way he danced but the charm he possessed.

But with one comment, looks like all thatbwill go down the drain.

The terms were MASS TESTING. Where he commented and gave his 2-cents worth of an opinion.


Now, he got the flak.

But he was also quick to retort and apologize. Especially to the bashers who told him to shut up and just keep on dancing.

Observed one, “What 😳 was 😳 that 😳 ?”

What he said.

“I don’t know ano gagamitin nila sa mass testing, but kung ano ipapainom nila, kung ano ipapagawa nila…. It’s a trial and error, kaya it’s mass testing.”

The commebt, “Testing for COVID-19 does not require ingestion and shouldn’t be simply a “trial and error” process.”

And he realized his one grave mistake.

Hopefully, he’s been forgiven!

dj loonyo 2


IT is always a breeze to see the posts of our Boxing Champ and Senator Manny’s Jinkee Pacquaio in FB (Facebook).

A breeze because Jinky not just opens the doors of their home to her neighbors like me. But she shares the good life, she and her family has been enjoying. And where all the pinagpaguran of her hubby on the different rings or arena from the different countries came to be.

What I saw, in spite of the opulence their family is enjoying, every nook and cranny of their home is filled with so much love.

Where there are no spoiled brats in their kids-that they are being taught, not just good manners but the values inside a Pinoy home. Cleaning the house. Gardening. Doing the laundry. Praying. Exercising

Mpst of the things inside the Pacman’s home, there are two actually (one is in Gensan which Jinkee misses so much), are what you will call “materiales fuertes”.

But from the looks of it, they are just material things that add to the beauty of the people living in those homes.

Named brands, yes. But nothing that can make you cringe and see the ‘yabang’ in the family.

Jinkee just love sharing with each waking day, the beauty of life. Most importantly, being with the most treasured possessions in one’s life-her family.

Especially in the time of CoVid-19. (30)

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