For the Love of Haley!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

THOUGH Sheree Bautista and Giancarlo Magdangal have decided a long time ago, to go in separate ways, it is their only child Haley who still keeps them together.

Sheree continues to make herself healthy with her pole dancing sessions and continues her dee-jaying stints via her online platforms.

Always sexy, she loves to share her sessions in her FB window.

“Got it? life is not a competition. lift eachother up, give and take , so that living in this world will be so much better… stay safe guys! ❤️💋

“As always… super fun class with my sissy. Can you believe painful and fun can go together 😅 yup she makes it fun for me. Thank you sissy! love you lots! Mec Jornacion.”

Gian on the other hand sings on streamline every now and then. And they take turns in spending time with their little man.

Gian had this on his FB page.

“Allow me to share a bit:

“Today, i just got Haley’s last report card grades for his primary school and i thought..


“Of all the memorable milestones I wanted our son to experience this year, more than any other occasion and definitely more than this virus situation, it would have been his Graduation Day.

“Last April, we kept telling him that it was just being post-poned. Fast forward to now, we’re already trying to figure out the On-line situation for next school year.

“(Gawa nalang kami ng pahabol na commencement sa bahay. 👍🏻)

“I see a lot of home-schooling and on-line learning going on now in some posts here in fb. There are pros and cons to it but more importantly, I give credit to all the parents who are doing an awesome job at teaching their kids at home. I’m sure it’s a lot of work. Pahabaan ng pasensya.

“We haven’t started yet the new norm for education on our end but I’m sure I’ll have my turn with this ON LINE schooling activities with Haley sometime soon. Sana hindi kami mag-away. 😂

“For now, I just wanna say how proud the whole family is of our Haley moving up with flying colors.

And the Mom, Sheree was tagged.

The new norm. In the new normal.

What is important is that they are happy and comfortable with the set-up!

Congrats, Haley!


SHE DOES NOT work out on the pole. But she makes people happy with her Tik-Toking And just being herself.

Kiray Celis is very confident. About her looks. her body. Her mind.

From her FB window, we caught her sharing something she bought for her cute alaga.

“Flex ko lang yung super cool bag ng anak ko na si @biancothemaltese! Excited nako dalin siya sa mga taping at shooting ko soon. Inorder ko siya sa Dust Road Co. eto website nila.

DUST ROAD CO: The Best Deals On The Road For You!

What was she wearing?

A lot made comments. And all she said was, ”
PWET nalang nga malaki sakin. Maliit na nga sa HEIGHT saka sa BOOBS.. Dami niyo pang sinasabi! Di nalang natin i-angat ang isa’t isa. Kaya ang daming may kulang sa kumpiyansa sa sarili eh. Kasi imbes na suportahan niyo, lalaitin niyo pa. Kala mo ang peperfect nila!


Let’s share her laughter! (30)

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