Looking Through Their Windows

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

ROSE-COLORED OR not, this time of CoVid-19 has given our celebrities precious moments to look at in life.

A graduation. The path to her new future. FDCP Chairman’s Liza Diño-Seguerra’s daughter Amara graduates.
“A Quarantine Graduation Day Celebration for Amara

“No Toga.
“No handing of Diploma.
“No marching down the aisle.
“No singing of sappy Graduation songs.


“But I wanna make her graduation day celebration special so ano ba naman yung magpatarp man lang?

“Achieved naman. Hindi ko lang inexpect na yung size ng tarpaulin nya, mas pang-EDSA kesa pangbahay!😂

“But I guess this tarp symbolizes how proud we are of you….so proud, pati kapat-bahay natin alam na graduate ka na.

“Congratulations AMARA. We love you so much. ❤❤❤



COMEDIENNE and host Ruby Rodriguez is spending her time at the Manila Doctors Hospital. When she experienced stomach pains, she had to be rushed to the hospital.

She just thinks positively and enjoying the blessings she sees around her. And she was given the perfect room.

Good morning! Im feelin better. Still feel pain but not like the other days. The view from my hospital room is the best specially sunset so nice it helps😊 thanks everyone for ur well wishes hopefully in a couple of days im out. ❤️ #maniladoctorshospital #perfectroom #gettingbettereveryday @ Manila Doctors Hospital

“Change location, i wanted to seat naman.

“Watching Netflix on my ipad just chillin with the meds and view! Let me post a skyline if i can get one!”

#maniladoctorshospital #manilaview #sunset #waitingtobesickfree # @ Manila, Philippines

Get well soon!



FOR couple Ayen and Franco Laurel, it’s a good thing to ‘make galaw-galaw’ din once in a while.

Kaya, even around the neighborhood lang, “nakaikot”!

“It’s been more than two months since we last went out of the house. I believe some of us were getting cabin fever already so we decided to drive around the village.

“We dropped by my Mom’s house to see her, my siblings and nieces who we only get to see on video call since the lockdown began. Yes we practiced social distancing. It was really great seeing them in person again.

“Driving around and seeing the familiar roads and places we used to go to and seeing family made us appreciate more what we have and value what truly matters most. Each other and the gift of life God has given us.”

#Family #FamilyBonding #FamilyLife #FamilyMan #FrancoLaurel #AyenLaurel #Lockdown #Love #Blessing

And people are looking forward to hearing them sing again. And again!

More “silip” coming!

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