National Live Events Coalition PH (NLEC PH) – An Alliance of Various Sectors of the Live Events Industry Recently Formed

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BY: Pilar Mateo

Live Events was the first to feel the impact of the crisis when events were cancelled as early as January 2020 when news of the pandemic broke out. Live Events is now deemed the last to recover.

LIVE EVENTS is an “experience industry” with a chain linking various sectors – from Theatre, Weddings and Social events, AVL (audio-video and lights) and staging suppliers, Agencies and Activations, Concerts, Gigs and Festivals, Freelance Production Workers, Conventions and Venues.

What many don’t realize is how large this ecosystem is and the impact on this industry is far, wide, and deep.

Formed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its critical impact on the many people behind this industry, various sectors of the Live Events Industry banded together last April 29, 2020 in alliance to what is now aptly named the NATIONAL LIVE EVENTS COALITION PH (NLECPH).

The mission of NLEC PH is to support the people “behind the scenes” and help the many voices that make up the live events industry.

The Live Event industry is not just a temporary shutdown of businesses – it is an entire year of income, trade and jobs essentially wiped out. Far from a retail industry, where, however devastating it may have been, the retail industry can get to a point where it can reopen, mobilize and bring its staff back in. The vast majority of the Live Events industry are focused on the delivery of one single large event across the entire year, and that has all been eliminated. NLEC PH is genuinely and actively at the forefront of every live show comprised of planners, producers, agencies, audio, visual, lights and stage suppliers, and a united freelance live event workforce.

The vision of National Live Events Coalition PH is to unite the various sectors of the Live Event Industry without political agendas, hidden schemas or business interests. It exists to provide advocacy, resources and a network that connects and supports all of the businesses, contractors and our workforce – the lifeblood of every event.

The current goals of NLEC PH are as follows:

1. Create an awareness campaign that the ‘Live Event Industry’ is a large sector.

2. Work together with the government in creating realistic plans and strategies for safety precautions for our audience and workforce from ingress to egress.

3. Call attention to the catastrophic effects of Covid-19 on the business of live events.

4. Ensure that every sector of the industry is included in the ongoing national conversation in seeking help and assistance for our industry.



EDU MANZANO shared in his social media a project his son Enzo is busy with these days.

Enzo said, “Hi! Maybe you haven’t been seeing my posts in the last few weeks but I’ve been making educational videos on history. These are very ‘light’ videos and I try to make it feel as if history can actually be fun.

“I focus on Philippine history but will be making topics involving other countries from time to time!


“Here’s the link to my channel 🙂

“Also, in 2-3 days, I’ll be posting the third video to my Presidential History of the Philippines series! This one will be about the guy in the picture. The big time Manny Q!

“It would be great if you subscribed!!”

Then, let’s!



A WORD AND CLARIFICATION from actress Aiko Melendez:

“To all my media friends, forgive me for not responding to your messages lately. I may have been avoiding to talk or address the issue about me and my personal relationship mainly because I needed time to think and just pause for a bit.

“I was thinking of doing an FB live and answer all your questions and your reactions but I just opted to make it a personal statement.

“Every relationship has its highs and lows, VG Jay Khonghun and I are not perfect, it may seem and look like it, but just like any ordinary couple we go through tough times and challenges, too.


“But because we choose to stay together and fight for what we have, we are still together till now. We both appreciate those who prayed for us. Salamat sa mga nagse-send ng mga messages sa amin. We may not reply but sure, we do appreciate it.

“I hope somehow this statement will put an end to the speculations that we are no longer together. You know what they say, “Love wins!” Thanks, guys! Now is the time to be positive in fighting COVID-19 and holding on to something that is special. ❤️”

Love after all, is all that matters!

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