Creativity in Captivity!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

THAT is how a friend of his described singer Raymond Lauchengco’s activities in the tome pf Co-Vid 19. If not painting or attending to his bonsai plants, he becomes a carpenter who creates so many useful things around the house.
“Quarantine project #12 was a pain in the neck to make. Literally!

“After removing the bark, making all the cuts on the log with a hand saw and sanding the sections, my shoulder hurt so badly that the pain went all the way up to my neck.

“Nevertheless, despite the many pads of Salonpas my wife had to put on my back, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

“I combined two of my favorite things for this one, wood that I scavenged from a fallen tree in the village, and something I’ve loved ever since I can remember-light.

“I took inspiration from Mondrian in determining where to make the cuts, then I carved out a niche for a light bulb and socket to turn this deconstructed log into an accent piece. Or is it an accent light? I’m not sure.

“Whatever it is, the quarantine projects that I started to make on day one of the lockdown come to completion on May 15, so I have time to make just one more.

“Then again, If I can’t go back to work right away as a singer or a director, maybe this is just the beginning.

“Thank you all for your likes and comments. They really kept me motivated during these strange and unusual times.”


We can get inspired from what he does. And I bet, in everything he does, there is that piece he is singing – his songs that made it to the charts!



I WOULDN’T be surprised that after all these, when things get back to normal-as in the new normal, lots of barbers-male and female will start a salon business right away.

I for one has been itching to get my haircut.

I will share the pics of the celebrities who in one way or the other took care of their crowns.

Who got the best haircut? And who will have a “gupitan” session in the days to come?

GOD-GIVEN hands… (30)

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