How to Let Go…

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

LETTING GO OF one very memorable material in one’s life is very hard. Especially, if so many memories have been attached to it.

Dingdong Dantes shares his story. And I found it a good read to be shared.

“I decided to take a break from my morning exercise today. Mabuti na lang because Drew said that the rider would pick up our auctioned items before lunch and deliver them to their new owners. With much excitement (probably because of that Barako coffee gifted to me by…di ko na maalala, pero salamat), i gathered the items and prepared them one by one.

“And as I was looking at the last item— the TUMI Ducati edition bag— i kinda felt something and said to myself, while nodding, “pucha ang ganda talaga nito.” So, i opened it and started to take out the remaining things inside.

“A boarding pass, the PMS protocol and itinerary booklet, toothbrush, some paracetamol, a small Philippine flag pin, etc…


“Flashbacks started to come in. It is true that the mind mostly remembers the moments with very high emotion: happy, sad, inspired, fulfilled, or exactly what i felt during that afternoon of December 30, 2015 in Paris, France— hopeful.

“We were part of the Philippine Delegation to the historic 2015 United Nations Paris Climate Change Conference. I had the honor and humbling opportunity to represent the Filipino people as a National Youth Commissioner.

“The TUMI bag came with me all the way to Paris. I even almost left it at the lobby of our hotel because i was rushing to the train station to meet the other delagates. Mabuti na lang pinaalala ni Kuya Argaño Elmer sa akin, “yung bag mo!” “Oh shit!” I said, running back to get it.

“But I clearly recall that whole morning where I arranged my speech, had it printed out, and was just generally very anxious and excited because it will be my first time to speak in front of world leaders in a very important forum for the world.


“During that forum of leaders of Climate Vulnerable countries, everything occurred as planned, well prepared and professional in the manner. So, there i was, a newbie, seated right in the middle of our decision makers, all geared up to deliver those 3.6 M signatures to the plenary, praying that i wouldn’t stutter.

“And when it was already my chance to speak, i suddenly felt a jolt in my chest. I started getting warm and red, and, as soon as i opened my mouth, it was as if a spirit entered into me and took over. This feeling spilled over to the official turn over of that big beautiful mosaic, which Pebbles Badillo Sanchez-Ogang, who now is Yespinoy’s Executive Director (yes, dito kami unang nagkatrabaho) had handed over to me.

“The feeling was so magical that i couldn’t explain where the adrenalin was coming from. As Nick Perlas put it, it probably was because i had tapped my “creative self”, a part of us that we disregard 99 percent of the time, but when used, could bring us to unimaginable places.

“That was where i was. Unimaginable, surreal, pumped up, and hopeful.

“And for all these reasons, i said, “hell no, ‘di ko na ipamimigay ito”. Haha. Sentimental reasons baga.

“But thinking deeper, i believe there was a reason why i chose this item.

“Drew said, “Paps, let’s auction your pre-loved items.’ But I ended up selecting items that are not pre-loved, but very well loved, valued and treasured, especially this bag.

“Madalas, sinasabi ko na ‘yung mga gamit ko, ipamamana ko sa anak ko. Ang tanong kasi, kailan? But with this decision, i am sure that these items will serve a more purposeful need than just leaving them inside boxes for years.


“Besides, i know that while we have physical or material things, we don’t own them forever— what we only own are the memories, learnings and the emotions that we felt when we put these things into good use.

“This bag has served its purpose. Today, i am turning it over to a new owner who had won a bid for 20,000 Pesos – money that will be used to help communities in a time where material wealth seems insufficient in handling an invisible enemy that maybe humanity too had created.

“Grace Salvador, thank you and please take care of this bag just as how I value it. Drew, thank you for facilitating this cause.

“I am leaving some of the memorabilia inside the bag. These items may stay there physically but I know that the feeling, like how the sling touched my shoulders because of its heaviness and the memories of that landmark gathering for climate action, will not be forgotten.

“Okay… tama na ang drama! We still have lots of work to do during this crisis and to make this world a sustainable place to live in. 🇵🇭

“Lucille Sering
Jc Casimiro
Gang Badoy Capati
Sucelle Demecillo
Andrew Arellano
Argaño Elmer”

Read and get inspired with this actor’s take on the most important things in life. Apart from having a good heart, and a role model as a family man, Dingdong is who he is-a very good person you can’t put down!




THERE is always nice to look into the love affair of FDCP Chairman Liza Diño Seguerra and her hubby, Ice.

And something to get us inspired as well. In the midst of her continuing “kabisihan” with taking care of an industry and its people, her private life is something which can’t be overlooked.

Her message to the one who keeps her life some kind of wonderful.

“Happy monthsary mahal ko. Hindi ko na alam ang mga araw pero buti na lang basta monthsary natin, kabisado natin. Kahit papa’no, we manage to find time to spend with each other.

“It’s funny coz kahit magkasama tayo araw-araw sa buong quarantine parang miss pa rin natin ang isa’t isa. And yung feeling nang pagkamiss natin, pareho lang nung lagi akong wala sa bahay para magwork.

“This made me realize a lot of things about us.

“1. Quality time is not defined by mere proximity, or physical presence but by how we spend that time together.

“2. Being together in one place is not enough to inspire spending quality time. You still have to MAKE THAT EFFORT.

“3. I miss you so much kahit magkaharap lang tayo pero magkaiba ginagawa natin.

“Bottomline, let’s find ways to spend quality time with each other. Kasi, namimiss kita. And namimiss ko si amara. Pero dahil pasaway ako at adik sa trabaho, natetake for granted ko yung oras nyo. So help me, make time–Beyond cooking lunch and dinner for the family.

“Happy 8th my love! Íce! ❤

“P.S. Bawasan mo na rin paglalaro mo ng ps4.”

In the time of CoVid-19, it still is the greatet feeling to love and be loved! (30)

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