RS Francisco and Ricci Chan plays as a wife and a mistress respectively in Asawa/Kabit

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WE are in a time when most people don’t want to go outside because of the COVID-19 pandemic that shakes the whole world. Businesses were affected: tourism, food productions, leisure, etc.

But the most affected of them all  is the entertainment industry, especially theater. The government discourages people to attend in stage plays in the future to lessen the spread of the virus.

Because of this, Philippine stage companies help one another to form Open House.

Open House is an online fundraising project by Artists Welfare Project, Inc. together with Philstage, Theater Actor’s Guild, SPIT and Third World Improv, in cooperation with Ticket2Me, for the benefit of the performing arts community.

They give free workshops and shows to raise funds for Filipino artists and creative workers in need. Donations will be used as cash assistance for the most vulnerable of artists who temporarily lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last Wednesday evening, May 6, president of Frontrow International RS Francisco, and actor Ricci Chan performed in a script reading  of George de Jesus III’s Asawa/Kabit.

RS played as Via, an antique shop owner who has a heated conversation with her husband’s mistress, Vanessa (played by Ricci).

Based on the comments during the live streaming, people loved the performance of RS. Of course, Ricci delivered his lines beautifully.

For those haven’t seen Asawa/Kabit live, you can still watch it on The Egg Theater’s official Facebook page below.

For donations, click this link for more info.


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